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Tiger Trek goes digital at Taronga

Taronga Zoo

Art of Multimedia was thrilled to work with Taronga Zoo to implement the new permanent visitor experience designed by Motherworks, in the multifaceted and collaborative project that is the Sumatran Tiger Exhibit.

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  • 2018 Interpretation Australia Excellence Award

Promoting Taronga’s Vision of “Securing a shared future for wildlife and people" as part of their Sustainable Palm Oil Campaign, this experience engages the public through the exciting Tiger Trek adventure; a unique, pulsed visitor experience which brings the big cats back to Sydney.

Art of Multimedia was thrilled to work with Taronga to implement the new permanent visitor experience designed by Motherworks, in the multifaceted and collaborative project that is the Sumatran Tiger Exhibit.

Taronga’s aim was to engage guests of all ages but particularly families with children under 16, to connect with them through a shared love of animals and nature. Taronga wanted them to understand the threats faced by tigers and feel inspired and compelled to act by making the simple decision of choosing Certified Sustainable Palm Oil at their supermarket.

Our mandate was to create the multimedia elements for a seamless guest experience that included a flight from Sydney to Sumatra, a walk through an Indonesian village, entry to the Way Kambas National Park, up close encounters with the Sumatran Tigers, culminating in a supermarket shopping experience.

2018 Interpretation Australia Excellence Award
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Art of Multimedia were amazing to work with, helping Taronga bring to life the multimedia elements that are so critical in the new Sumatran Tiger precinct at the Sydney Zoo. From the moment they were briefed, AOM got the vision and understood what was required, and so provided the creative, technical and project management skills to deliver the A/V goods.

Julia Donnelly
Product Manager / Guest Experience, Taronga Zoo

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AOM deliverables were:

  • the production of a 3D simulated flight experience that took visitors on short plane trip to Way Kambas Village in Indonesia to see the tigers. Three fully synchronised videos created the seamless and multi-sensory flight experience, involved filming live actors on green screen delivering a compelling and personable narrative, constructing an abridged yet representative view of the traversed landscape through high end 3D animations and combining motion graphics with persuasive storytelling
  • a three minute looped infographic based on Taronga’s extensive consumer research, was thoughtfully scripted to persuade and educate visitors about Certified Sustainable Palm Oil with key facts, beautiful illustrations and original music
  • two minute looped video highlighting the conservation successes achieved through Taronga’s relationship with Way Kambas Village, and other projects in and around Way Kambas National Park
  • multiple soundscapes to take the visitors on an auditory journey of the Sumatran jungle, radio chatter in both English and Bahasa, and village and airport ambience.
  • animated digital posters to set the scene and entertain the visitors waiting to board the plane.

The project involved close collaboration with Taronga on every aspect, from storytelling, the design of the visual elements, music composition and hardware.

“There were a few challenges along the way – numerous stakeholders, changes in scope, and challenging timeframes – all of which Art of Multimedia managed nicely. They were a great group of people to work with, highly collaborative when they needed to be and took feedback with limited fuss, all in order to get the best result. We are thrilled with the end result and highly recommend working with them,” said Julia.

We were delighted and honoured to work on this inspiring project in collaboration with such a passionate team from Taronga and the other contributors. We were all committed to creating an experience which has the potential to impact our next generation of wildlife lovers, and will ultimately benefit our planet and endangered wildlife.

Research conducted in 2019 showed that Tiger Trek had a very large impact on visitor's reported immediate post-visit understanding of the threats to tigers, which is sustained over time. This suggests that visiting Tiger Trek has a measurable and persistent impact on the cognitive understanding of the information conveyed about threats to tigers.

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