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A series of interactive information kiosks guiding visitors with images and information about contemporary water recycling technologies, serving schools and tertiary education sectors.

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Art of Multimedia (AOM) worked with Sydney Water to develop a suite of multimedia resources to explain wastewater treatment and water recycling processes for a series of touchscreen kiosks at Sydney Water’s Water Recycling Education Centre. The Education Centre is based at the St Marys Water Recycling Plant, which produces 50 million litres of recycled water each day.

AOM developed the technical infrastructure (front and back end) to deliver interactive, engaging and formal curriculum-related content via a series of touchscreen kiosks. The resources we have developed provide a customised, communication solution to visitor needs and incorporate 7 distinct learning modules including:

  • an interactive map of the Plant, which provides an overview of the site
  • individual learning objects such as Reverse Osomosis Principles
  • a game to explain three distinct filtration processes and the numerous microscopic particles they filter
  • 3D animated video that show exactly what hides behind the impressive Reverse Osmosis Plant
  • a 3D interactive which explains in depth the many processes that make up the Primary, Secondary, Tertary and Solids Handling treatments at St Mary's
  • 3D animation that demonstrates the Ultrafiltration process otherwise invisible in the concrete structure
  • interactive 2D visualisation of the complex Urban Water Cycle
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AOM has also provided a Content Management System (CMS) to give Sydney Water the ability to manage existing and future content remotely. This, along with the interactive touchscreen kiosks, provides Sydney Water with an integrated solution to help them meet the different learning needs of visitors, which include students from secondary schools, TAFEs and universities, industry professionals and members of the community.

“The ability to remotely update or add new content to the touchscreen kiosks from any computer, at any time, is great. We can also customise the content on the kiosks. This includes generating mini quizzes designed to address the often curriculum-based needs of the visiting group,“ says Olivia Rajit, Sydney Water.

This suite of engaging, interactive multimedia resources help visitors understand how the Plant’s largely unseen and complex equipment work. It also helps them understand how current recycled water technologies can effectively remove microscopic particles, demonstrating Sydney Water's commitment to public health.

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"AOM have been a pleasure to work with, they are highly committed to ensuring that their clients receive the very best product. They have great team communication, which means the end result is high quality."

Myly Truong
Education Officer, Sydney Water

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