Sydney opera house award banner

Oct 20, 2014

Sydney Opera House: Revealing Archeology commended in National Trust Heritage Awards 2014

Art of Multimedia was delighted by the opportunity to interpret the heritage of such an Australian icon. It was an absolute thrill when the film was recognised by the heritage interpretation community at the 2014 National Trust of Australia Heritage Awards.

Working with the dedicated team at Sydney Opera House and collaborators was thoroughly enjoyable, as AOM unleashed our creativity to help the viewer step into and make a connection with the stories which recreate the history of Bennelong Point.

AOM created a 3D flyover of the excavation site from the 3D scan data supplied by archeologists GML Heritage Consultants, to provide audiences with otherwise inaccessible insight into these captivating discoveries. Techniques such as 3D camera projection allowed us to create virtual camera moves through 2D scenes, while subtle animations and compositing breathed dimension and life into static photography.

The creative techniques help to tell the story of Bennelong Point’s significance in the history of colonial Sydney which began with the creation of crude lime pits dating from the early 1800s, where shells from Aboriginal shell middens were used to make limeslate – an important construction element in the early buildings of the city. Other archaeological finds uncovered include a sandstone wall footing most likely to be a part of the previous Fort Macquarie, and building walls and steps from the tram and ferry interchange that were demolished to make way for construction of the Sydney Opera House in the 1950s.

Let’s design with meaning together.