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Apr 28, 2017

Running on Time Winner of National Trust Heritage Awards 2017

Interpreting our heritage by bringing the stories of the past to life is one of Art of Multimedia's specialities. We love to connect with audiences of all ages; engage them in topics they may know little about, educate them about their significance in our modern lives through recognising the contribution of those before us, thus inspire them to create meaningful lives and history of their own.

We are fortunate to be granted this opportunity through projects such as Sydney Trains 'Running on Time - Clocks and Timekeeping in the NSW Railways" comprising a 15 minute documentary and publication, delivered online and via tours run by Sydney Trains Heritage Division. We are thrilled that the project was recognised as Winner in the Tours & Multimedia category of 23rd Annual National Trust Heritage Awards 2017.

This heritage interpretation project was funded and supported by Sydney Trains senior management and driven by Craig McPherson and Robbin Hedditch in the heritage team. Fourteen experts contributed their stories developed over a lifetime, woven by AOM's team comprising Beata Kade, Jason Stevenson, Artur Kade, Rebecca Hawcroft, Mark Dunn, Catherine Neasbey, Ryan Somerfield, Jerry Retford and G-Third Atanque into a film and historical report which tells the fascinating history of time keeping across NSW raillways. Contributors include railway employees and clock experts Matthew Rudland, Benjamin Barnes, Bruce Nelson, Alan Topfer, Doug Minty, Andrew Makernik, Dimitar Uzunovski, Dave Cleary, Robin Hedditch, Hahn Pham, Paul Bugeja, Craig Walton, Andrew Grace and Pasquale Di Fillippo.

Gretta Logue from the Sydney Trains Heritage Division along with Beata Kade, Managing Director Art of Multimedia and Mark Dunn, historian attended the Awards Ceremony. Beata said "we are delighted and grateful to accept this accolade on behalf of all the contributors credited, as well as the hundreds of unnamed railways staff who worked tirelessly to have trains running on time. I thank the National Trust and all the judges for continuing this important Awards program, thus nurturing and recognising excellence in heritage preservation and interpretation for the benefit of future generations."

Read the case study here or view the documentary and historical report on the the Sydney Trains website

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