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Nov 04, 2016

Eveleigh Stories picks up 2016 Best of Excellence Award

Interpretation Australia Association is a not-for-profit national membership-based organisation, dedicated to the advancement of the profession of cultural and natural heritage interpretation. Formed in 1992 to improve standards of heritage interpretation amongst its practitioners.

The IA Excellence Awards are highly contested peer judged awards, where each year, judges go through a rigorous process of reviewing the Awards submissions across diverse interpretation projects, in light of a set criteria for professional interpretation excellence.

This year's National Conference was held at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra and Eveleigh Stories was recognised with the Best of Excellence Award for projects over $150,000 category.

Beata Kade, Art of Multimedia's Managing Director was present to receive the Award and gratefully acknowledged the role of The Australian Technology Park in comissioning the project, to ensure the continued presence and interpretation of the many important stories of indigenous place, innovation, activism, working life and people who worked at the Eveleigh site and contributed to its rich history.

Eveleigh Stories comprises a website, a mobile tour, a kiosk located in Bay 1 of the Locomotive Workshop and print collateral, to appeal to all audiences and importantly, has the ability to continue adding new stories, as the process of innovation and contribution to Australian technology landscape continues on.

Like Eveleigh Workshops, Eveleigh Stories was a collaborative creative endevour where many people added their expertise. Visit the website to explore the stories, and see a full list of credits. We invite you to take the tour on your device when you are next at Eveleigh, to fully appreciate its rich history in situ.

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