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May 18, 2021

Television premiere of Running on Time - SBSOne.

Art of Multimedia is thrilled to announce the Australian Television Premiere of Escalation Sensation on Tuesday, 3 November, 3:55pm on SBS One.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Central Station Clock Tower (c1921), Sydney Trains and Art of Multimedia are proud to present Running on Time on SBS. This documentary film explores the evolution of railway time since the eighteenth century, and the physical manifestation of a standard timekeeping system, essential to maintaining our rail network.

Running on Time: Clocks and timekeeping in NSW Railways premiered on Australian Television on Monday, 17 May 2021, 2pm on SBS One and is now available OnDemand.

While timekeeping spread haphazardly across the early colony, it was the establishment of the passenger rail network in the mid-1850s that bought standardised time to NSW, also known as ‘Railway Time’. Running on Time traces the evolution of railway time through early mechanical timekeeping to present modern satellite systems. We meet the railway staff who maintain various clocks, watches and devices that connect our rail system, and explore technological changes that are integral in delivering today’s passenger rail services.

This film was a winner of the National Trust Heritage Awards 2017 in the category of Tours and Multimedia. The entire project consisted of:

  • A 15-minute documentary filmed over 3 days in locations such as The Clock Room, Central Clock Tower
  • The 40-page historical report which combined the research and photography
  • Release on DVD, a USB for stakeholders, and now national television

Sydney Trains is actively engaged in the celebration of our rail heritage, particularly around the preservation of clocks and time artifacts. Stay on the lookout for rare open days and tours of the Central Clock Tower and historic rooftops.

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