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Aug 21, 2017

Art of Multimedia joins forces with Taronga Zoo to create an incredible Sumatran Tiger digital experience

Art of Multimedia was thrilled to join forces with Taronga Zoo to provide digital interpretation and education as part of their amazing new Sumatran Tiger experience – Tiger Trek.

Taronga Tiger Launch

Art of Multimedia has created:

  • The ‘flight’ from the zoo to the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, involving stunning scenery outside the windows and the personal story of Wira the Park Ranger, straight from the cockpit
  • A video showing the great progress made through collaboration between Taronga Zoo and the Way Kambas National Park.
  • An animated infographic about the future of Sumatran Tigers and the role of sustainable palm oil.
  • As well as environmental soundscapes and digital posters.

“This was an inspiring project to work on,” said Beata Kade, Managing Director of Art of Multimedia. “The Taronga team are so passionate about the message of protecting the tigers and their ecosystem, and choosing certified sustainable palm oil is an important part of that message."

Over the last century, we have lost more than 96% of the world’s wild tigers due to habitat destruction and rampant poaching. The clearing of these forest homes has meant that there are only 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild.

“The Taronga team’s passion was infectious and it was the starting point for a really exciting, creative and collaborative journey in which Art of Multimedia were part of a broader team including Motherworks and others. Seeing the various elements of our work and of the exhibition as a whole was absolutely thrilling and I am very proud of my team’s dedication to interpret Taronga Zoo’s conservation message and deliver it in an engaging and positive way, with a layered approach.”

After their ‘flight’, visitors walk through the village of Way Kambas and the tigers themselves are situated within a series of connected dens which surround the visitors, some lucky enough to see the curious tigers up close. The Tiger Trek experience finishes in a supermarket where guests are now empowered with the knowledge to make a choice about using certified sustainable palm oil.

Tiger Trek is now open. So head to the zoo and meet the tigers, enjoy your flight and we’d love to hear your feedback.

Let’s design with meaning together.