Aci approved supplier

Jul 01, 2015

Art of Multimedia appointed approved supplier to NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation

NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) is part of NSW Health and works with clinicians, consumers and managers to design and promote better healthcare for NSW.

The ACI does this by service redesign and evaluation, specialist advice on healthcare innovation, initiatives including guidelines and models of care, knowledge sharing and continuous capability building.

To deliver all the above, ACI tendered for Graphic Design and Formatting and Video Production supplier capable of creating various communication tools including publications and videos at a consistent, professional quality and aligned with ACI's new brand.

Art of Multimedia (AOM) were contracted to provide the above services which include video production, graphic design and layout for print and digital publications.

“We were delighted to have been entrusted by ACI to support them with a range of brand compliant communications. Health is a very interesting area to be working in and we are already energised by the levels of innovation and creativity we are witnessing in this sector.“ said Beata Kade, Managing Director, Art of Multimedia.

Let’s design with meaning together.