Intuiface news

May 05, 2021

AOM a Value Added Reseller for Intuiface.

Art of Multimedia is pleased to announce our new partnership with one of the world’s leading software platforms for creating interactive experiences.

Intuiface Reseller

For more than 3 decades, our diverse collaborations have created real-world impact across culture, heritage, science and corporate Australia.

Designing interactive experiences for 22 of those years, we have seen many changes in the software ecosystem. Continuously exploring better ways to create engaging and memorable communications, we have adopted and discarded many tools.

With the death of Flash, the advent of web technologies and the literal explosion of software authoring options for our ever more complex, interconnected and exciting interactive experiences, the software ecosystem is more complicated than ever to navigate.

After much testing, we found Intuiface to have the right blend of tools to optimise engagement and minimise the time we spend coding to deliver outstanding results for our clients.Intuiface lets us focus on innovative application and higher production values in our creative outcomes instead. This makes our client’s budgets go a lot further in the areas that matter most to their audiences.

Whether creating complex digital heritage experiences, educational interactives or wayfinding solutions, we are excited to work our magic with Intuiface. With a couple of projects in development, we look forward to featuring them soon.

Talk to us about your vision and ideas for digital storytelling at your museum or gallery, heritage site, town, building or organisation.

Let’s design with meaning together.