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Year 3 students become Zero Litter in Georges River ambassadors

Georges Riverkeeper

AOM produced a series of education videos, designed and developed the campaign brand, campaign microsite, print collateral and Augmented Reality web based experience.

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  • 2023 Keep Australia Beautiful NSW / Sustainable Cities Awards

The Zero Litter in Georges River schools and community education campaign aims to reduce litter flowing into the Georges River via stormwater. An estimated 95% of the pollution in the Georges River is a result of stormwater runoff.

The Georges River Environmental Education Centre developed an education package, aligned to the Stage 3 primary school curriculum for Georges Riverkeeper. Selected primary schools within Georges River Catchment participated in the program to later share their discoveries.

The program aims to develop Zero Litter ambassadors and equip them with compelling call-to-action resources. The goal is to educate the students and the broader community about the pollution problem in their local environment–and empower them to assist in preserving it.

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The challenge was to make a playful campaign about a serious topic. By engaging the children first, they can become ambassadors for the campaign and media stars in their own communities. We also wanted the community to engage with the messaging in the real world and then continue their experience online where they could learn more on the microsite.

Having previously created the Georges Riverkeeper website, Art of Multimedia collaborated with Georges Riverkeeper Communications Officer on developing the campaign and creating the media assets, which included:

  • Zero, the Turtle - a 3D illustrated mascot.
  • Educational videos to raise awareness of the environmental issues related to stormwater pollution, including the ‘Drains to waterways’ video which depicts how rain washes pollution through stormwater drains to waterways, and the ‘Gross Pollutant Trap’ video which makes the hidden stormwater infrastructure visible, both with uplifting messages delivered by school-aged voice actors.
  • Promotional video for the program's website and social channels.
  • A dedicated video for each school capturing the voices of participating students and featuring footage of local litter hotspots, wildlife, waterways and recreation.
  • A microsite that delivers project information, education as well as a dedicated section for each school, presenting photos of the students, the school video and all campaign posters created by students.
  • A fun Augmented Reality (AR) experience featuring Zero, the Turtle to drive traffic to the website and facilitate sharing.
  • Campaign awareness decals artwork
Zero litter website
Zoer litter ondevice
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