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Production, design and distribution of brand launch collateral for Mirvac.

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Mirvac’s innovation division Hatch recently launched a pilot program for the residents of the Green Square development and the surrounding community.

Partnering with the RSPCA NSW to bring the perfect in-house assistant for residents as well as their furry friends, Pet Concierge can organise someone to take the resident’s dog for a walk, give them a wash, or play, or feed and even a health check, helping busy urbanites give their pet more love and attention.

Art of Multimedia designed and distributed an email campaign introducing the Pet Concierge brand, as well as satisfying the RSPCA NSW and Mirvac’s Hatch brand guidelines. It included a short but delightful promotional video explaining the concept, with sub-titles for use on social media and foyers, where playing audio was not an option.

Pet Concierge is another example of how Mirvac works to create superior customer experiences.

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