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Cultivate: What happens when farming meets with urban communities


Create a distinctive and fun brand identity for the pilot along with EDM communications using Third Eye email platform as well as a launch video.

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Mirvac’s innovation division Hatch recently piloted an urban garden in an under-utilised building space. The intention was to observe how a farm-garden in an urban dwelling may foster a positive social culture and improve wellbeing habits for building communities, while also provide sustainable ways of harvesting food in the city.

Art of Multimedia was appointed to develop a brand identity for the project and email campaign to engage the building community. The new brand Cultivate reflects urban farming and experience design adding value to lives, city-spaces and the food chain. Through EDM communications with automated user journeys, the program was launched and enlisted enthusiastic participants.

The project won the award for Project Innovation at the Property Council of Australia Innovation and Excellence Awards in 2020.
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Working with AOM was an absolute pleasure. As more stakeholders became involved in the project, the review process became more complex and the number of changes increased but Jay and Beata were still able to meet our timeframes and deliver an amazing outcome. I love the brand concept developed and I look forward to working with the team again in the future.

Stacee Agland
Lead Innovator, Mirvac

A video combining vox pops of the Cultivate project team and footage of the urban garden set-up conveyed the new brand through motion graphics. The short film showcased how easy it is to ‘sow the seeds of the future of food’ in an urban environment. While also communicating the positive social and environmental outcomes and meaningful relationships with others that naturally form from such a community project.

With collaboration sitting at the heart of Mirvac’s business philosophy, the Hatch team illustrated sustainable living and human connection opportunities right in the heart of the Sydney CBD—possibilities that are available to all urban communities. In fact, the participants of the piloted program enjoyed the fruits of their labour 3 weeks later—a community win on all accounts!

Cultivate is an example of immediate actions organisations can bring into our communities to create a positive impact on our local environment now and in the future.

"Over the course of the 6 week experiment, we had 85 enthusiastic urban farmers participate in an interactive farming session where they learnt all about sustainable urban farming methods and were able to seed their own micro-greens and fruit some mushrooms. Over that time we have seen some very positive impacts on people’s health and wellbeing with initial data indicating a drop in stress levels and an increase in mood for people who participated in these sessions.

The Cultivate branding was well received. The feedback from our farmers has been overwhelmingly supportive and the key value proposition for them lies in the connections they have made with the broader building community. Cultivate now stands for community activation and unique customer experience and is now developing its own identity. We are delighted to say that we have received approval to extend the experiment for another 12mths and have had a lot of interest from Mirvac customers who would like to see a similar concept in their own buildings."

Stacee Agland,
Lead Innovator - Hatch Core Team, Mirvac

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