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A new website delivering services and credentials in a mobile-optimised design

GPC Electronics

GPC‘s new website showcases how this Australian company leads the way in complex electronics manufacturing for the world’s most iconic companies.

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GPC Electronics Group is one of Australasia’s largest contract electronics manufacturers. GPC began in Sydney in 1985, then established production facilities in New Zealand and China and now employ around 500 people committed to service excellence and value for customers.

GPC partners with global leaders and innovative start-ups to achieve high-quality outcomes, focus on creating value and continually look for the best solutions. Their quest to do more with less has expanded GPC’s knowledge and expertise, enabling their people to master advancing technologies in production systems.

GPC believes quality is the best way to reduce cost. Quality also prevents waste, which is particularly important in a world where environmental and social sustainability is no longer a nice-to-have.

At Art of Multimedia, we agree wholeheartedly, which is why we were delighted to work with our long-term client to design and develop their new website. Like many technical experts with a solid reputation, GPC prefers to solve problems for their customers instead of writing marketing content for their website. Yet, they were cognisant of the need to communicate their brand values and services better.

AOM started by workshopping the website upgrade with the client team to understand the brand essence, service approach, and audience. We then articulated it in fresh copy and an engaging visitor experience. Once the new UX, copy and design was approved, we developed the new website using Craft CMS, a powerful tool for building bespoke websites which provides an extremely easy to use content publisher to make content updates quick and smooth.

Staying at the forefront of complex electronics manufacturing is challenging enough, so the new website makes communicating it that much easier.

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