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The Rocks Discovery Museum

Art of Multimedia sparked younger museum visitors' interest with a bespoke interpretive game for The Rocks Discovery Museum called Discovery Dig.

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Art of Multimedia has been having fun with an interpretive game called The Rocks Discovery Dig for The Rocks Discovery Museum.

Having recently developed 14 multimedia exhibits, this additional module was designed to appeal to children aged 6 to 12. The multi-level game features artefacts from The Rocks area, which players excavate as they overcome various obstacles.

Once a level has been completed, players unlock information about the artefact, including a video of an archeologist sharing insights about the find. The game has three stages of difficulty to challenge experienced gamers and is available to play online or to buy from the museum shop.

“An interactive tool such as a game can make even commercial sites more attractive to audiences,It can be used as part of a marketing campaign or an educational process, or simply to make your company and brand more memorable.”

Beata Kade, AOM’s managing director.

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