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Truckies pilot latest Safety Intelligence Technology

Transport for NSW

Art of Multimedia recently worked with Transport for NSW’s Cooperative Intelligent Transport Initiative (CITI) team, with the objective to create an effective induction for drivers piloting their latest safety intelligence technology.

  • In this project
  • Film production

  • 3D animation

Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (CITS) enable vehicles to instantly communicate safety messages with surrounding vehicles and infrastructure through a series of trigger warnings.

This technology has the potential to increase road safety by warning drivers of upcoming hazards and impending collisions and is currently in the first phase of testing with 60 heavy vehicles.

AOM produced a video that comprises of:

  • a series of 3D animations to demonstrate otherwise invisible components
  • virtual scenarios to illustrate how the device will function in vehicles under various situations
  • an introduction by the program manager and other footage
  • voiceover to ensure content engages multiple sensory modalities whilst also communicates the purpose, use and benefit of implementing such technology.

Using this combination of production techniques, ensured the induction was engaging, experiential and effective for the client and their audience.

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