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A modular online package designed for variable bandwidth and remote access.

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The world’s leading hotel operator, ACCOR, introduces the ACCOR Australia Loyalty Training for Hotel Staff, an enterprise-wide program for delivery at all of its 200 Australian locations and more across Asia Pacific.

ACCOR employs thousands of staff in roles as diverse as concierge and pastry chef, and strives to engage them in its commitment to delivering the highest possible customer service.

Mira Mikosic, Loyalty Marketing Manager ACCOR Hospitality Corporate Office Asia Pacific, briefed Art of Multimedia (AOM) for an eLearning training solution accessible to staff, appropriate for their needs and really engaging, as it would be self-administered. AOM has previously worked on internal communication projects for ACCOR, and has extensive experience in eLearning solutions developed for other clients with large workforces in multiple locations. Drawing on knowledge acquired on previous projects, when AOM met with the ACCOR Team, we raised two common considerations: technology and content.

For ACCOR the technology considerations included:

  • low bandwidth at some of its properties compromising use of video
  • different hardware/software in ACCOR hotels needs an independent solution
  • the need for a centrally managed user management system with reporting.

Considerations with the content were:

  • flexibility in design and production so that future changes can be made relatively easily and newer iterations produced despite bandwidth restrictions
  • content still needs to be involve the learner in a dynamic experience
  • to be reflective of ACCOR quality.

“When we provided content to AOM we flagged the need for a solution that would be flexible to update, as the nature of our business means we will have to make changes frequently, and expediently,' says Mira.

AOM’s creative team worked on concepts, addressing the identified technology considerations. Initially scoped as an independent solution, the package developed by AOM integrates with ACCOR’s LMS (Learning Management System), can be used in facilitator-led training, and has been adapted for stand alone eLearning for users, including franchisees, outside of the LMS.

We separated the ACCOR content into three distinct modules, and then further divided content into learning ‘nodes, which make the content accessible in sections, while also reducing the bandwidth requirements, ” explains Beata Kade, Managing Director, AOM.

In the first module, a video interview with the Chief Operating Officer and CEO of the Advantage Plus program allows them to personally introduce the concepts behind two new guest loyalty programs, and how they will be implemented. Two further modules address the loyalty programs; the nodes contain the program content which the learner can work through at his/her own pace, and includes animations, video and quizzes.

“It’s vital for self directed learning to have a really interesting interface. So we created dynamic interactive elements to complement the narrative sequences, and keep the viewer involved and wanting to complete each stage, and move on to the next,” says Beata. “The modular structure and elements such as single voice over talent we use regularly make updating content more efficient, and less costly, as they can be redone in parts and edited in, without requiring the whole asset to be recreated.”

Also complementing the eLearning package, AOM developed an ACCOR Loyalty Operations Manual, using many of the learning objects in a PDF format and incorporating the same visual identity.

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