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Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

The Chinese Garden of Friendship at Darling Harbour in Sydney presented Art of Multimedia with the challenge of appealing to four distinct audiences in one presentation, while maintaining brand integrity.

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Drawing on the skills of AOM’s talented film crew and senior writer – whose final effort was described as poetic – the end result was a series of short video clips that convey the story of life to various demographics.

Opening with scenes of children having fun, then young couples enjoying each other's company, families on outings, and older individuals and groups, the garden was shown to appeal to almost anyone – and not just tourists.

The videos are delivered online and used in an interactive DVD, available for sale at the garden to extend the reach of the material.

“This high-profile project demonstrates how best to use interactive online content to market a destination to specific local and international audiences, as well as generate revenue through sale of a DVD product. These sales also promote the attraction further around the world when visitors play the DVD back at home,” says Beata Kade, AOM’s managing director.

Rob Lang, CEO of the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, which manages the garden, commented:

"Well done! I have just watched each of the videos and I am impressed. Congrats to all those who have worked together to achieve this."
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