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A suite of emotive, personal stories told through film, conveying the value Sydney Eisteddfod provides to both donors and participants, partially funded as by AOM's pro-bono contribution.

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Sydney Eisteddfod has nurtured Australia’s performing artists through its annual festival of music, song, dance and drama the past eight decades.

Over 2.5 million artists performed on its stages during those years and this not-for-profit organization now presents over 300 events each year, offering $400,000 scholarship prizes to support the career development of the best young Australian performing artists.

Operating without government support and in a changing philanthropic environment, Sydney Eisteddfod wanted to demonstrate the value it delivers to both the participants and the philanthropists who support it, as it seeks to find new sources of funds needed to continue their work.

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Recently Art of Multimedia kindly offered to support the work of Sydney Eisteddfod by sponsoring their production of our fundraising film. The film turned out better than any of us could have hoped. It is a truly beautiful and touching story

Andrew Bissex
Chairman, Sydney Eisteddfod

Through a collaborative creative process, AOM worked with Sydney Eisteddfod on a distinctive concept, also implemented in a print brochure.

We filmed several key donors and a selection of young performers representing ballet, opera, classical music, choir and drama, each with an inspiring story, such as two young profoundly deaf brothers, who achieved top prize in the Prose and Verse category.

"The Sydney Eisteddfod will now use the video to further it's fundraising activities. We are seeking sponsors for winners’ prizes in opera, ballet, instrumentals, dance and numerous other performing arts areas. This will help us continue our work in supporting Australia’s emerging talent. It has been a delight to work with AOM whose professionalism and flexibility was wonderful to experience.“

Andrew Bissex, Chairman of Sydney Eisteddfod

Interviews delivered unscripted, candid stories that convey the authentic emotion of the value supporters and recipients receive from their involvement. Filmed in a white studio to allow our audiences to focus on the message, supplemented only with behind-the-scenes footage, the campaign expanded to include the 4-minute film, as well as individual stories.

More than 50% of the Australian Ballet, Opera Australia and leading Orchestra’s professional artists benefited from the career development support Sydney Eisteddfod provided. Millions of other young people also benefited from participation through improved confidence, resilience and other social, emotional and academic development.

Please watch the film and support Sydney Eisteddfod if you can. Your tax deductible donation will help the upcoming generations continue to dream. perform. achieve. inspire.

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