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Want to leverage the power of video in your communications?

Employ our award winning expertise to produce video content, campaigns and experiences that deliver.

Whether you are charged with engaging external or internal audiences, video is the most powerful tool in your communication toolkit.

Working in a creative partnership with you, Art of Multimedia produce corporate films, animations, explainer videos, 3D visualisations, interactive 360° videos, documentaries, and AR/VR experiences to fit your budget and exceed your expectations.

Brand, market and fundraise

As a communications professional, you know a distinctive brand is key to effective marketing, selling, or fundraising. Video is the perfect medium to articulate your brand vision, mission and the tangible and emotional benefits it offers to your customers, staff and other stakeholders.

Whether you need a campaign or a single video, AOM will collaborate with you to promote your products and services, educate, entice or support your prospects, clients or community or attract, induct or convey your culture.

Philanthropy Film Campaign

Sydney Eisteddfod has nurtured Australia’s performing artists through its annual music, song, dance and drama festival for the past eight decades. Sydney Eisteddfod wanted to demonstrate the value it delivers to the participants and the philanthropists who support it as it seeks to find new sources of funds needed to continue its work.

We filmed several key donors and a selection of young performers. Interviews delivered unscripted, candid stories that convey the authentic emotion of the value supporters and recipients receive from their involvement.

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Promoting Sydney’s first Automated Vehicle Trial

HMI Technologies was starting their first Automated Vehicle trial in Sydney and needed to capture the launch event, announced by Ministers Constance and Pavey, along with executives from other stakeholders, each representing a key partner in trialling and eventually bringing the benefits of driverless vehicles to the public.

AOM photographed and filmed the launch and ample vehicle footage taken prior to the event and produced a promotional video of the launch event conveying key stakeholders’ perspectives and demonstrating the vehicle in action.

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Campbell Arnott's staff attraction

Campbell Arnott's HR team wanted a video to support their employer brand and social media strategy to attract people who enjoy a fast-paced team environment, like to be challenged, and value the opportunity to make a difference.

AOM captured the dynamic - and fun - culture at Campbell Arnott’s on camera, filming behind the scenes, at the company’s Sydney production and corporate facilities, and featuring staff engaging with each other – at different work activities, at lunch with Campbell Soup and a Vita-Weat Lunch slice, at staff Awards and even in a Tim Tam Slam!

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Influence, motivate and move

When you are passionate about your cause, work feels like play and you feel grateful for the opportunity to make our world that little bit better. We know how that feels and love to work with government agencies, not for profits and businesses on such projects.

Leverage our creative and technical expertise to bring your issue and solution to life with videos, content and experiences which employ emotive storytelling that educate, motivate and influence the public.

Inspire families to act for nature

Taronga Zoo’s aim was to engage guests of all ages, to connect with them through a shared love of animals and nature. Tiger Trek aims to convey to the public the threats faced by tigers, thus inspire and compel them to act.

AOM produced three films: an educational infographic explaining the actions that can make a difference, another highlighting the conservation successes achieved through Taronga’s relationship with Way Kambas National Park, and a 3D immersive flight experience that took visitors on a short plane trip to Way Kambas Village in Indonesia to see the tigers.

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Your community – Do the Right Bin

The Hills Shire Council is growing, so waste recovery is critical to keeping the Hills clean and green while supporting the community's health with its anticipated 238,000 new residents.

The Waste Recovery team needed explainer videos that will carry the messages across in a captivating way, making it easy for anyone to follow.

AOM produced a series of 8 catchy animated explainer videos educating the community about the need and process of correctly disposing of their waste.

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Create ambassadors for your cause

The Zero Litter in Georges River schools and community education campaign aims to reduce litter flowing into the Georges River via stormwater by developing Zero Litter ambassadors and equipping them with compelling call-to-action resources.

The goal was to educate the students and the broader community about the pollution problem in their local environment–and empower them to assist in preserving it.

AOM produced a series of educational, promotional and dedicated videos for each school, capturing the voices of participating students as they become ambassadors for the campaign in their own communities.

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Art of Multimedia were amazing to work with, helping Taronga bring to life the multimedia elements that are so critical in the new Sumatran Tiger precinct at the Sydney Zoo. From the moment they were briefed, AOM got the vision and understood what was required, and so provided the creative, technical and project management skills to deliver the A/V goods.

Julia Donnelly
Product Manager / Guest Experience, Taronga Zoo

Protect, interpret and exhibit

As a custodian of Natural, Cultural and Built Heritage, you know it needs ongoing protection and that its interpretation is the crucial component in demonstrating its value and giving access to the community.

We will work in a creative partnership with you to produce documentary films, oral and video histories, interactive cultural videos and experiences where captivating storytelling makes your diverse audiences appreciate history and heritage like never before.

Illuminate Time

Underneath Central Train Station lies a unique history with one predominant theme: time. Sydney Trains has an extensive clock collection and people with expertise in heritage clocks and modern timekeeping technologies.

AOM researched and wrote the script to set the story in context, with questions to draw out the most interesting and complete story from the 14 experts. The 15-minute documentary weaves together fascinating stories filmed in The Clock Room and Central Clock Tower with archival imagery brought to life with motion graphics to create an engaging film.

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Celebrate change

Central to Eveleigh holds significant heritage value, both tangible – reflected in the buildings and structures within historic cultural landscapes and in its archaeological potential and intangible – expressed through oral traditions, memories and stories.

AOM created a short film that conveys the multi-faceted heritage significance of the area, allowing the diverse and growing local community to appreciate its significance and the value of its continuing evolution. Based on local history, it distils and presents the storylines through rich photographic assets brought to life and aligned with UrbanGrowth brand through motion graphics.

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Interpret hidden history

Archaeological remnants were unearthed during construction work at Sydney Opera House.

Bennelong Point’s past was thus revealed as seawall remnants, a sewerage outlet, wharf steps, and limestone pits, where shells from Aboriginal shell middens were used to make limeslate – an important construction element in the early buildings of the city.

AOM produced a film that interpreted Aboriginal and colonial history, including a 3D flyover of the excavation site from the 3D scan data provided by archaeologists, to provide audiences with insight into these discoveries.

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"Art of Multimedia were a great company to work with, providing responsive output to project deliverables and proactive management to ensure the project was delivered at a high-quality. The team were friendly and approachable, and innovative in providing the right type of product to meet our requirements. I look forward to collaborating with AOM on future projects”

Craig MacPherson
Senior Heritage Specialist, Sydney Trains

Induct, train and educate

Whether your target audience is the public, prospects or customers, staff or students, video is a superior means of conveying large and complex topics in an easy-to-digest manner.

Leverage our storytelling expertise to create induction, training and eLearning content to have your learners aware, educated and engaged.

Sydney Water

Sydney Water’s Water Recycling Education Centre hosts varied visitors, including professionals and students studying water recycling. AOM developed custom-built touchscreen kiosks and 7 distinct learning modules ranging from videos and games.

These included a 3D animated video showing exactly how the Reverse Osmosis Plant works, an animated video demonstrating the Ultrafiltration process otherwise invisible in the concrete structure and an interactive video showing separate components of a large complex system.

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Induct your participants

Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (CITS) enable vehicles to instantly communicate safety messages with surrounding vehicles and infrastructure through trigger warnings. This technology can potentially increase road safety by warning drivers of upcoming hazards and impending collisions and is currently in the first phase of testing with 60 heavy vehicles.

AOM produced a video that comprises an introduction by the Transport for NSW program manager, a series of 3D animations to demonstrate otherwise invisible components and virtual scenarios to illustrate how the device will function in vehicles under various situations.

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"AOM have been a pleasure to work with, they are highly committed to ensuring that their clients receive the very best product. They have great team communication, which means the end result is high quality."

Myly Truong
Education Officer, Sydney Water

Let’s design with meaning together.