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Hidden heritage escalator Museum at Wynyard

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As Sydney commuters enjoy the evocative public artwork ‘Interloop’ by Chris Fox suspended above the new Wynyard Station York Street escalators, people interested in discovering the history of wooden escalators can do so in the Escalator Museum below.

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Transport for NSW and Sydney Trains have collaborated to create a compact escalator museum! In this ‘back-of-house’ basement room, salvaged historic escalators parts from the wooden Wynyard Escalators have been reassembled as a heritage display.

The salvaged escalator treasures include an escalators entry arrangement (treads, decking and balustrade), a full set of 1950s motor assembly (motor, brake, gears, chains, drums and sprockets), a lovingly restored 1920s hardwood plan chest containing original plans, as well as various escalator objects such as signage, oil cans, tools, benches and archival material.

Art of Multimedia was asked to design and install interpretative material for the space to enhance the visitor experience, including a self-guided leaflet, photography signage, murals, wall-mounted escalator history timeline and super-sized wall graphics that interpret the former motor room function of the space.

Public ticketed tours run from time to time and will be advertised on the Sydney Trains public website. On occasion, visitors can be taken behind the scenes to visit the escalator museum by appointment with Sydney Trains heritage team.

The Escalation Sensation documentary and 60 page historical report, originally released with the Escalation Sensation project is available online, as well on a USB card, is now also supplemented with a DL leaflet in an environmentally sustainable tote bag, giving visitors of all interest levels layered interpretive content. All collateral has been in high demand from visitors, demonstrating strong community appreciation and interest in NSW industrial heritage.

“The packages and in particular the Escalation Sensation book were a smash hit that created a lot of stories about work friends as well as the total professionalism of everything in the package.”

Chris Roberts, former Otis employee
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