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Central to Eveleigh is a place of significant heritage value both tangible – reflected in the buildings and structures within historic cultural landscapes and in its archaeological potential and intangible – expressed through oral traditions, memories and stories.

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A short heritage film created by researching the local history, distilling and presenting the storylines through rich photographic assets brought to life and brand aligned through motion graphics.

The area has seen significant evolution into the current urban form, from wetlands and sand dunes, as the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, to market gardens and industrial areas, immigrant settlement, worker housing, social housing and the development of the railways.

Most of the corridor is identified as having heritage significance under either the Sydney Local Environment Plan 2012 or the State Heritage Register.

Redfern, one of its precincts has significant importance to Aboriginal communities, both historical and more contemporary history tied to employment opportunities, social justice and housing. Aboriginal people maintain a strong spiritual and cultural connection with the place.

It is also a place of early Colonial and later significance – particularly with the first rail yards, connecting the city and the bush.

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The film has more than fulfilled the brief we provided, it showcases the importance of the history of this area and has brought it to life in a way that inspires people who watch it about what the future might hold.

Vanessa Gordon
Communications Manager for Central to Eveleigh, UrbanGrowth NSW

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“Part of why it is so effective, is the amount of research, thoroughness and care the team at Art of Multimedia took to show these important stories from the past and their importance to the present.”

Vanessa Gordon

Art of Multimedia were charged with creating a short film which conveys the multi-faceted heritage significance of the area, allowing the diverse and growing local community to appreciate its significance and the value of its continuing evolution.

AOM collaborated with AHMS to research the rich local history, extract and articulate the key storylines as well as available visual resources.

Our mission was to distill the extensive photographic collection and apply our storytelling and motion graphics expertise to bring the significant stories to life in a two minute film, which maintains a subtle, but clear brand alignment and a dynamic pace.

Audiences can now appreciate the continual evolution of the area to serve the needs of the community of the time; diversifying, innovating, building, supporting, connecting and renewing itself in generations past, now and into the future.

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