Apr 23, 2014

NSW Local Government Procurement reappoints AOM

Art of Multimedia has been reappointed as an official supplier of ICT (information and communications technology) services to NSW local councils by Local Government Procurement.

“This reappointment recognises our contribution to delivering innovative and successful communication projects for NSW communities," says Beata Kade, Managing Director, Art of Multimedia.

“The latest addition to our local government sector portfolio is an audio-visual multiplatform mobile app of the historic sites of Albury’s CBD. This work for Albury, and for Gosford/Wyong and Willoughby councils, shows we bring technology, creativity and communication together to develop products which are engaging, informative and entertaining, and can explain esoteric concepts."

AOM’s agile team can

  • integrate all aspects of external and internal communication
  • save time
  • deliver value for money
  • protect the integrity of your message.

“Being an approved supplier means we can work for councils without the need for time-consuming tendering as contract compliance and management has already been done by LGP,” says Beata.

Other benefits to councils of using LGP approved suppliers like AOM:

  • Improved efficiencies associated with purchasing and contracting
  • Best offer/terms through the aggregation of purchasing/negotiating power
  • Contracts meet NSW local government needs and requirements
  • Standardised terms and conditions, product specs and purchasing procedures
  • An annual rebate based on the usage level of the contract
Let’s design with meaning together.