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Want to open hearts and expand minds through great interpretation?

Leverage our award winning digital heritage expertise to create natural, cultural & built heritage interpretation experiences that do.

Whether you want to engage visitors to your cultural institution, site or region, bring the history of your community or heritage site to life through multi-sensory digital storytelling, influence your audiences to change their point of view and actions, or educate your students through resources that arouse curiosity.

AOM can help.

Interpret, exhibit and protect

As a custodian of Natural, Cultural and Built Heritage you know it needs ongoing protection and that its interpretation is the crucial component in demonstrating its significance and value, as well as giving access to the community.

We will work in a creative partnership with you to produce documentary films, interactive heritage videos, websites, apps and experiences where captivating storytelling makes your diverse audiences appreciate history and heritage like never before.

Share Country, Culture & Community

The Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council’s vision for their newly built Murrook Culture Centre is Experience Murrook, Change Forever. WLALC appointed AOM to design and deliver the Interpretive Digital Experience to fulfil their curatorial vision.

Comprising multiple immersive and interactive exhibits, the Worimi Country, Culture & Community is shared through aerial videography, 2D & 3D animated creation & cultural stories, oral histories, documentaries and archival photographic collection delivered on cutting-edge projection systems, immersive large-scale LED walls, interactive kiosks and table exhibits.

This permanent exhibition and media were co-created with the Elders, Board, CEO, Curator, and the broader community, and it includes a bespoke media management system that enables exhibitions and content to be continually refreshed.

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Interpret industrial heritage

Sydney Trains needed to interpret their historic clock collection to the public and convey the impact of standardised timekeeping in NSW Railways on our society. An internal audit conducted by Sydney Trains Heritage Office was supplemented with additional research by AOM and introduction written to set the story in context and to draw out the most informative and complete narrative from interviews with fourteen experts.

The resulting 15-minute documentary weaves together fascinating stories filmed over 3 days on locations such as The Clock Room and Central Clock Tower with images of beautiful and rare clocks and stations, brought together with minimalistic motion graphics to create an absorbing film.

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Add capacity within the same exhibition footprint

The Rocks Discovery Museum in Sydney is a gem in this nationally significant heritage precinct. Pioneering digital interpretation when it first opened in 2005, the museum needed an update after 15 years, and curators wanted to expand Aboriginal perspectives. Now sporting 14 re-designed and 3 new multimedia exhibits equipped to add even more stories and collect data to better engage the visitors in the museum and The Rocks precinct itself.

An interpretive website was also designed to help the museum team attract and welcome visitors, promote the permanent exhibition and events, create virtual exhibitions, activate the precinct with stories, and make its heritage resources available globally. Read the website case study.

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Art of Multimedia guided this project to completion with results beyond our expectations. Their advice on the best technology and software was an asset and allowed us to not only enhance the customer experience but have the ability to collect data and have an insight into what our visitors enjoy most.

Natalie Gedeon
Research & Curatorial Officer, Department of Planning and Environment

Influence, motivate and move

When you are passionate about your cause, work feels like play and you feel grateful for the opportunity to make our world that little bit better. We know how that feels and love to work with government agencies, not for profits and businesses on such projects.

Leverage our creative and technical expertise to bring your issue and solution to life with videos, content and experiences which employ emotive storytelling to educate, motivate and influence the public.

Demystify climate change

The Discovery Centre is as much for adults as children. It always strives to do CSIRO’s research justice and never dumbs down content. This Climate Change interactive exhibit provides an overview of the complex subject from the layperson’s point of view.

Organising the content under three broad themes – understanding, reducing and adapting – to show how everyone can respond positively to this complicated issue.

Content is carefully layered and rich with visuals to keep the visitor engaged and includes surprising ideas and the ability to ask scientists a question, the answer to which would be emailed and added to the exhibit.

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Deliver immersive experience

A 3D simulated flight experience that takes visitors on a short plane trip to Way Kambas Village in Indonesia to see the tigers, is a key component.

Over 20 fully synchronised videos create a seamless and multi-sensory flight experience. Production involved filming live actors on a green screen, delivering a compelling and personable narrative, constructing an abridged yet representative view of the traversed landscape through high-end 3D animations and combining motion graphics with persuasive storytelling.

This 3D animated experience was also repurposed as a 360° video, giving the audience a virtual flight where they control the viewpoint.

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Create ambassadors for your cause

A campaign microsite houses all the content including a series of educational videos to explain the problem.

Each participating school has a dedicated section and video that captures the student's insights, and campaign posters.

The posters were translated into drain art, which delivered more information through a printed decal with a QR code linking the Augmented Reality web-based experience to help Year 3 students become Zero Litter ambassadors.

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Art of Multimedia were amazing to work with, helping Taronga bring to life the multimedia elements that are so critical in the new Sumatran Tiger precinct at the Sydney Zoo. From the moment they were briefed, AOM got the vision and understood what was required, and so provided the creative, technical and project management skills to deliver the A/V goods.

Julia Donnelly
Product Manager / Guest Experience, Taronga Zoo

Engage, educate and connect

Whether your target audience is the public or students, video and digitally enhanced experiences are a superior means of conveying large and complex topics in a compelling manner.

Leverage our expertise to create public or curriculum-aligned education and content to expand your audience's knowledge and enthusiasm and connect them with their community.

Capture diverse audiences

The Big Dig excavations began in 1994 and is one of the largest urban archaeological sites in Australia, providing insight into early urban life in Sydney. Sydney Harbour YHA wanted to interpret the history of the site and to engage multiple audiences – SHYHA guests, students visiting The Big Dig Education Centre and the general public.

AOM produced 3 versions of this documentary to help distinct audiences explore what makes this site so significant and the relationship between SHYHA and The Big Dig so special through the voices of experts involved with the project since its inception.

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Teach complex recycling process

Sydney Water’s Water Recycling Education Centre hosts a wide range of visitors, including professionals and students studying water recycling. AOM developed custom-built touchscreen kiosks as well as 7 distinct learning modules ranging from videos, games and 3D animations.

These included an animated video that shows exactly how the Reverse Osmosis Plant works, an interactive exhibit that explains in depth the many processes that make up the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Solids Handling treatments at St Mary's and an animated video that demonstrates the Ultrafiltration process otherwise invisible in the concrete structure.

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Enrich family histories at Bonegilla

The Bonegilla Migrant Camp’s story began after World War II, when millions of people seeking a new start departed for Australia. Wodonga Council wanted to expand the existing Bonegilla Migrant Experience permanent exhibition.

Ex-residents now share their experience of Bonegilla via oral history videos. A microsite makes over 300,000 digitised ID Card records accessible online and allows families to expand the collection through community-contributed stories, photos and video. An interactive ‘Make your ID Card’ exhibit has visitors taking photos and creating their own ID card, which they can share with their social circles.

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We have worked with Art of Multimedia for a number of years. On every occasion, the AOM team have delivered high quality work within the specific project budget. It is always and pleasure and ease to work with the AOM team, I value their strong communication skills and ability to deliver.

Alison Dunsford
Manager Digital Channels, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

Celebrate, commemorate and promote

Our heritage informs our future; thus, it must be honoured, shared and celebrated. Whether your stories interpret cultural practices, social history or built heritage, our natural environment or scientific endeavours, AOM will help you reveal their insights and attract the right audiences.

Reveal complex, layered histories.

Sydney's Walsh Bay is a rich and diverse cultural site. Three short films aim to give visitors an experience of Walsh Bay through time, pulling out key themes and making engaging juxtapositions.

Through archival imagery and poetic words artistically brought together with motion graphics and music, visitors discover the themes of the site. Including the music and traditional knowledge of Uncle Glen Timbery, one video tells the story of Cammeraygal woman Patyegerang who taught colonist William Dawes her language in the 1790s.

The others portray how the natural environment of Walsh Bay changed over time and how its evolving use continues to shape our people, culture and economy.

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Honour their service

A series of six Vietnam War and Peacekeeping biographical films that acknowledge and commemorate the service of Australians who served.

The first three videos focus on stories of Australians serving in peacekeeping operations to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Peacekeeping, September 2022.

The other videos convey veterans' experiences during the Vietnam War, supporting the 50th Anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War in 2023.

The films, which include interviews with veterans, align with the Australian Curriculum and aim to appeal to veteran and general community audiences.

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Stimulate and celebrate success

In the months leading up to the symposium, Art of Multimedia produced a promotional video series interviewing six leaders from key cultural sites who personally invited delegates to attend the ICOMOS GA2023.

Aiming to capture the essence of the event, AOM also produced a wrap-up video by filming selected segments of the 10-day event and incorporating the photographs provided by delegates and session organisers.

Motion graphics and music added excitement to this 6-minute video, which celebrates the people, the places and the practices that made the GA2023 a success.

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The GA2023 video series was an outstanding success: not only through encouraging attendance but also in conveying important messages and setting the 'tone' of the event as engaging and welcoming. As if that were not enough, the wrap-up highlights video (which I know was also subsidised) provided a wonderful finale at the conclusion of GA2023: thank you!

Richard Mackay AM
GA2023 Convenor, ICOMOS

Let’s design with meaning together.