Interpret, exhibit and protect


As a custodian of Natural, Cultural and Built Heritage you know it needs ongoing protection and that its interpretation is the crucial component in demonstrating its significance and value, as well as giving access to the community.

We will work in a creative partnership with you to produce documentary films, interactive heritage videos, websites, apps and experiences where captivating storytelling makes your diverse audiences appreciate history and heritage like never before.

Digging into The Rocks doco 6 minute guest version
Digging into The Rocks doco 6 minute guest version

Capture diverse audiences


The Big Dig excavations began in 1994, and is one of the largest urban archaeological sites in Australia providing insight into early urban life in Sydney.

Sydney Harbour YHA, wanted to interpret the history of the site, and to engage multiple audiences – SHYHA guests, students visiting The Big Dig Education Centre and the general public.

AOM produced 3 versions of this documentary to help the distinct audiences explore what makes this site so significant and the relationship between SHYHA and The Big Dig so special, through the voices of experts involved with the project since inception.

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Archaeology is almost meaningless unless we promote the outcomes. The documentary combines historical research, archaeological results, artefacts, stories, visualisations and peoples’ perspectives to present a picture of a neighbourhood through history. This is an invaluable tool to assist in teaching about The Rocks’ past.  
Wayne Johnson
Senior Archaeologist, Strategic Planning & Heritage, Place Management NSW and Curator at Rocks Discovery Museum
Sydney Trains Rail time - Heritage documentary
Sydney Trains Rail time - Heritage documentary

Interpret industrial heritage

Sydney Trains needed to interpret their historic clock collection to the public and convey the impact of standardised timekeeping in NSW Railways on our society. 

An internal audit conducted by Sydney Trains Heritage Office was supplemented with additional research by AOM and introduction written to set the story in context and to draw out the most informative and complete narrative from interviews with fourteen experts. 

The resulting 15-minute documentary weaves together fascinating stories filmed over 3 days on locations such as The Clock Room and Central Clock Tower with images of beautiful and rare clocks and stations, brought together with minimalistic motion graphics to create an absorbing film.

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Art of Multimedia were a great company to work with, providing responsive output to project deliverables and proactive management to ensure the project was delivered at a high-quality. The team were friendly and approachable, and innovative in providing the right type of product to meet our requirements. I look forward to collaborating with AOM on future projects
Craig McPherson
Senior Heritage Specialist, Sydney Trains
New touch table at The Rocks Museum

Add capacity within the same footprint

The Rocks Discovery Museum in Sydney is a gem in this nationally significant heritage precinct. First opened in 2005 with the digital experience upgraded after 15-years of operation, with a focus on expanding Aboriginal perspectives, the museum is now sporting 14 re-designed and 3 new multimedia exhibits equipped to add even more stories and collect data to better engage the visitors in the museum and The Rocks precinct itself.

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Discover our stories landing page

Take your stories to the world

The Rocks Discovery Museum upgrade included the scoping, design and development of a dedicated interpretive website created to help the museum stand out from The Rocks Precinct communications. It also empowered the museum team to better welcome visitors, promote the permanent exhibition and events, activate the precinct and museum with stories, create online-only exhibitions and allow access to heritage resources previously only accessible onsite.

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The website initiation and development has been excellent, and future-build provisions will make it easier to develop further. Access to analytical data will enable The Rocks Discovery Museum to assess our successes, and guide our future.
Wayne Johnson
Senior Archaeologist, Curator of The Rocks Discovery Museum
Hermannsburg Historic Mission

Discover Nationally Significant Stories

After co-developing the heritage Interpretation Plan & Design for this Nationally Significant Heritage site, AOM created a new visual identity with community input, designed and then developed a website that provides information to visitors planning a visit, and shares Hermannsburg’s cultural stories with global audiences. While on site, visitors can scan the QR codes found on signage around the precinct, for direct access to the many historical and contemporary stories, that add rich layers of meaning to their self-guided exploration of the Mission. Although QR codes have been around for a long time, COVID has embedded their adoption into everyday life for everyone. They now provide a flexible marketing and interpretive tool for Hermannsburg's current stories and artefact collection. 

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Celebrate Indigenous leaders

City of Ryde wanted to celebrate Bennelong on the 200th anniversary of his death. Finding Bennelong was developed in consultation with contemporary elders, as an engaging, thought provoking and culturally respectful website delivering multi-layered interpretation and education through videos, historic artworks and extensive research including links to primary sources.

It is a polished, contemporary and engaging resource that prompts students and everyone who visits the website to form their own perspective of the legacy of Bennelong and consider the impact one individual can have on their world.

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What’s been really effective has been the guidance we’ve had from Art of Multimedia in marrying together the content and the technical capacity and managing that project with professionalism that goes above and beyond.
Sarah Shores
Project Manager, Community Projects City of Ryde Counc
Sydney Opera House - Revealing archaeology documentary

Reveal significant history of an icon

The Sydney Opera House has many levels of heritage significance. A recent construction excavation created the need for an interpretive video to tell the story of Bennelong Point’s past, as revealed by seawall remnants, a sewerage outlet, wharf steps and limestone pits discovered under this iconic building.

AOM produced ‘Sydney Opera House: Revealing archaeology’ an engaging, historically accurate and technically sophisticated film using 3D scans and historical imagery, voice over narrative and some creative visual effects to help the contemporary audience step into and make a connection with the stories.

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Cooks Cottage - City of Melbourne

Shed light on a historical oddity

City of Melbourne welcomes many visitors to Cooks Cottage each year and wanted a less resource demanding but consistency engaging way to interpret the history and location of Captain Cook’s family home in Fitzroy Gardens. Three short films convey the story through characterised narrative, beautiful historical images brought to life with motion graphics.

Delivered in 3 languages, they cover the cottage’s history in England and Melbourne, the Cook family history and life in the 18th Century Yorkshire, while a touch screen invites the visitors to explore Captain Cook’s voyages around the world.

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Eveleigh Stories Wins Best of Excellence Award  2016 Interpretation Australia Awards
Eveleigh Stories Winner – 2016 Interpretation Australia Awards

Walk through Eveleigh Stories

Australian Technology Park wanted to celebrate the rich history and innovation of Eveleigh Railway Workshops. Eveleigh Stories tells people’s stories in the context of the whole Eveleigh precinct and the broader locality. This carefully researched and beautifully crafted heritage interpretation resource comprises website and mobile walking tour, kiosk and printed guide.

Content is organised in a thematic structure of An Indigenous Place, The Paddocks, Like a Living Thing, Faces in the Crowd, Working Life, Power, Movement and Evolving Eveleigh and Eveleigh at War. The site contains 30 stories, many include a short video that bring the stories to life, as well as galleries of beautiful photographs, meticulously researched stories full of quotes and source lists.

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Eveleigh Stories delivers everything we had hoped and completes a remarkable milestone in the interpretation of heritage assets here at ATP and in the broader precinct. The creative and technical outcome you achieved is first class..
Duncan Read
General Manager, ATPSL

Influence, motivate and move

When you are passionate about your cause, work feels like play and you feel grateful for the opportunity to make our world that little bit better. We know how that feels and love to work with government agencies, not for profits and businesses on such projects. Leverage our creative and technical expertise to bring your issue and solution to life with videos, content and experiences which employ emotive storytelling to educate, motivate and influence the public.

Taronga Zoo – Palm Oil education video

2D animated videos and explainer videos

Taronga Zoo’s work towards achieving the vision of “Securing a shared future for wildlife and people" includes public education. Part of their Sustainable Palm Oil Campaign, Tiger Trek adventure engages the public with content and experiences when they visit the Sumatran Tigers. One content element was was a three minute looped infographic based on Taronga’s extensive consumer research.

It required thoughtful scripting to educate and persuade visitors about the importance of choosing Certified Sustainable Palm Oil with key facts, beautiful illustrations and original music.

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Taronga Zoo – Sumatran Tiger Trek flight experience

Deliver immersive experience

A 3D simulated flight experience that takes visitors on short plane trip to Way Kambas Village in Indonesia to see the tigers is a key component.

OVer 20 fully synchronised videos create the seamless and multi-sensory flight experience. Production involved filming live actors on green screen delivering a compelling and personable narrative, constructing an abridged yet representative view of the traversed landscape through high end 3D animations and combining motion graphics with persuasive storytelling.

This 3D animated experience was also repurposed as a 360° video, giving the audience a virtual flight where they control the viewpoint.

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Art of Multimedia were amazing to work with, helping Taronga bring to life the multimedia elements that are so critical in the new Sumatran Tiger precinct at the Sydney Zoo. From the moment they were briefed, Art of Multimedia got the vision and understood what was required, and so provided the creative, technical and project management skills to deliver the A/V goods.
Julia Donnelly
Product Manager / Guest Experience, Taronga Zoo
Zero Litter Ambassadors
Zero Litter Ambassadors

Create ambassadors for your cause

Georges Riverkeeper needed a digital partner to implement The Zero Litter in Georges River schools and community education campaign, aiming to reduce litter flowing into the Georges River via stormwater. 
The collateral required to engage primary school students included a dedicated campaign brand, which aligned with Georges Riverkeeper's corporate identity, but was distinct and fun and included Zero the Turtle.
A campaign microsite houses all the content including a series of educational videos to explain the problem. Each participating school has a dedicated section and video that captures the student's insights, and campaign posters. The posters were translated into drain art, which delivered more information through a printed decal with a QR code linking the Augmented Reality web-based experience to help Year 3 students become Zero Litter ambassadors. 

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Working with AOM is a pleasure. Their enthusiasm, commitment, and attention to detail from the outset through to implementation has been excellent. They have also been a tremendous support for a variety of campaign discussions, ranging from budgeting to branding to analytics and voice-over talent. I have relied on AOM to be my problem-solving partner during the campaign and they haven’t let me down once.
Kirsten Spry
Georges Riverkeeper Communications Officer

Induct, educate and train

Whether your target audience is the public or students, video and digitally enhanced experiences are a superior means of conveying large and complex topics in an easy to digest manner.

Leverage our expertise to create induction, curriculum aligned education and eLearning content that will expand your audiences knowledge and enthusiasm.

Sydney Water – Education centre

Teach complex recycling process

Sydney Water’s Water Recycling Education Centre hosts a wide range of visitors including professionals and university and school students studying water recycling. AOM developed custom built touchscreen kiosks as well as 7 distinct learning modules ranging from videos, games and 3D animations.

These included a 3D animated video that show exactly how the Reverse Osmosis Plant works, a 3D interactive which explains in depth the many processes that make up the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Solids Handling treatments at St Mary's and 3D animated video that demonstrates the Ultrafiltration process otherwise invisible in the concrete structure.

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AR Sandbox - St Mary's water recycling plant - Education Centre

Play to deepen understanding

Major changes to the NSW High School Geography curriculum for Yr 7-8 students means they will now spend up to three months studying water. This shift of focus gave Sydney Water the opportunity to meet a new demand for extra resources and learning tools for teachers and schools.

An augmented reality sandbox that harnesses 3D simulation software and provides a tactile earth science education experience. Using open source simulation code, AOM developed the application which houses the hardware in custom built cabinetry and allows users to create topography models by shaping real (kinetic) sand.

A projection and 3D tracking system then augments in real time an elevation colour map, topographic contour lines, and simulated water flow.

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AOM have been a pleasure to work with, they are highly committed to ensuring that their clients receive the very best product. They have great team communication which means the end result is high quality.
Olivia Rajit
Education Officer, Sydney Water