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Whether you are creating first impressions or servicing regular visitors for your government agency, cultural heritage site, Not-for-Profit organisation, or B2B business, your website, mobile app, and kiosks are the key communication channels totally under your control.

AOM will take the time to discover your requirements, then specify, design and develop an online, mobile or on-site presence that will deliver on your KPIs. We will then maintain and support it as it evolves with your future needs.

Discover and specify

Searching for a creative technology partner that can craft digital-forward solutions?

In a complex landscape of options, AOM is a winning combination of talent matched with emerging technology experience.

Through an agile design process, our digital solutions demonstrate beauty in simplicity whilst being engineered to endure.

We enjoy crafting bespoke websites, apps and digital experiences that are tailor-made for a projects specific needs.

Taking the time to discover and design the User Experience is critical if your digital property matters. Involve, or at least consider, your audience’s needs to deliver a visitor-centric experience.

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Rocks Discovery Museum

An interpretive website designed to help the museum team welcome visitors, promote the permanent exhibition and events, activate the precinct and museum with stories, create online-only exhibitions and give access to heritage resources.

We started by identifying core audiences and how the website could best meet their varying needs. How it would differ from and complement the in-museum experience and what opportunities it would offer their team for creating ongoing and vibrant engagement with The Rocks Precinct and heritage stories.

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5 Million Trees

A community information and engagement portal for the 5 Million Trees program, delivering information and resources such as Tree Selector as well as gathering and displaying current data about tree plantings.

Initially built rapidly to enable program announcement, the subsequent Discovery & UX Design project allowed for a comprehensive visitor analysis, stakeholder engagement and specification to deliver the information different visitor groups would need.

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Luxury Afloat

Luxury Afloat needed a new site to reflect their established brand identity, while bringing a fresh design and a mobile-optimised, visitor-focused experience for an improved brand positioning.

Having a modest budget, AOM conducted a brief Discovery and UX Design, then created a concept, wireframes and prototypes to help our client see and experience the website's functionality before commencing development. We then developed the site with Craft CMS which is easy to use, update and maintain.

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Their communication was fantastic. The team would take the time to also explain technical concepts and issues, to ensure that we as the client were making the best decisions for the website build. AOM are an extremely enthusiastic and passionate group of professionals who I thoroughly enjoyed working with, and delivered a product that was of a very high standard.

Linda Smith
Project Coordinator, Open Space & Parklands, NSW Department of Planning

Design & Build

AOM uses design to connect with people—making their lives better, easier, more efficient, intuitive, profitable and enjoyable.

We believe in infusing vibrant graphic design with an emotional, human presence. By designing aesthetically and functionally elegant interactive communications, we help our clients create experiences that trigger a response.

To the end user, the design is seamless; for AOM, it’s a labour of love to create, test and refine and consider all the key moments that make good experiences great.

Zero Litter in Georges River

Georges Riverkeeper developed Zero Litter in Georges River schools and community education campaign aiming to reduce litter flowing into the Georges River via stormwater.

AOM designed and developed the campaign brand, campaign microsite, print collateral and Augmented Reality web-based experience, as well as several videos involving Zero the Turtle and children from 5 schools in the catchment.

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GPC Electronics

Established in 1985, GPC Electronics is a leader in complex electronics manufacturing in Australia, servicing the world’s most iconic companies. They believe quality is the best way to reduce cost and prevent waste.

We agree, so we designed and developed their new website by workshopping their needs, designing and prototyping the new structure, writing engaging content and developing a new website, that reflects the quality of GPC brand.

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Albury Walking Tour

Albury CBD is rich in heritage buildings, which the Council wanted to showcase in a modern and accessible way.

AOM designed and developed a GPS-enabled mobile app interpreting key city sites with images and narrated interpretive stories of those sites, to enhance visitor experience. When the Albury City Council re-branded, AOM updated the visual design, extending the life of the walking tour with minor investment.

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Maintain & Support

We value all our relationships and will support your evolving needs.

Having designed and developed an online presence to serve your unique requirements, AOM will host and maintain it to ensure its technical infrastructure stays current and the security of your data remains solid.

Whether your website, app, or experience is launched in phases, or you want to add a campaign-based section or additional functionality as your needs change over time, we will partner with your team to ensure your digital experience continues to improve.

Georges Riverkeeper

A Not-for-Profit Georges Riverkeeper needed a modern website to continue its vital work of protecting the river, not only through its research and management programs but also by educating and engaging the community.

Starting with Discovery, AOM designed the User Experience, creating a clean design, wireframes and interactive prototypes to ensure the functional and technical specifications meet the needs of its varying audiences and stakeholders.

We support the client as the website continues to expand, becoming a valued resource for the community.

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Bonegilla ID Card Microsite

Bonegilla Migrant Camp wanted to make their 300,000 digitised ID Cards available to the community by adding to their permanent exhibition.

AOM designed and developed a microsite to house the ID Card records and make them accessible online. The microsite includes the capacity to further expand the collection through community-contributed stories with photos and even video.

An interactive kiosk gave access to a version of the ID Cards database on-site, and another allowed visitors to create their own ID Card, to share with their social circles through the Make Your ID Card’ kiosk.

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A bespoke art website that illuminates the artist's creativity while meeting their specific functionality requirements.

A pro-bono project by Art of Multimedia, this small Craft-CMS website, purposefully without e-commerce, encourages conversations between the artist and the collector. It serves as a digital gallery and enables the artist to support her artistic journey, as we continue to maintain the website.

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We are grateful that AOM took a supportive and collaborative approach in developing the new website. They were happy to talk through challenges and solutions to find the best way forward. AOM were reliable, delivering what they said they’d deliver, in timely way. They continue to be very responsive to our needs.

Beth Salt
Program Manager, Georges Riverkeeper

Digitise Heritage

As a leading multimedia studio with deep heritage expertise, AOM brings a unique perspective to the design of emotive and captivating visitor experiences for public places and cultural spaces.

With a curated collective of storytellers, technologists and heritage experts, AOM applies design and digital as strategic tools to creatively reimagine culture and history for today’s audience.

Our award-winning digital media solutions bring history, nature, culture and science to life for custodians of iconic locations such as museums, galleries, national parks, heritage spaces and science education centres.

Hermannsburg Historic Precinct

The Northern Territory Government commissioned an Interpretation Plan for the Hermannsburg Historic Precinct, Alice Springs, to be developed with the Ntaria Community.

The resulting Interpretation Plan included a visual identity style guide, concept designs and layout templates for a suite of external and internal signs, a multi-lingual brochure, concept design and functional specification for a new website and an interactive kiosk.

AOM then developed the website with a Drupal CMS to provide a key platform for the continual expansion of digital interpretation by the Community.

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Eveleigh Stories

Australian Technology Park wanted a local heritage interpretation resource to celebrate the rich history and innovation of the Eveleigh Railway Workshops precinct.

Organised in a thematic structure, the Eveleigh Stories interpretive website contains 30 stories, many including a short video that brings the history to life and archival galleries, meticulously researched stories full of quotes and source lists.

The project included a GPS-based Mobile App for a digital self-guided walking tour and a large Touch Kiosk located in Bay 1 of Locomotive Workshop.

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Finding Bennelong

After extensive research, consulting with the Aboriginal community, and then interpreting these findings, the Finding Bennelong website was launched on the 200th anniversary of Bennelong’s death.

This thought-provoking and culturally respectful website delivered multi-layered interpretation and education through 15 videos, archival images, and research, including links to primary sources.

There was much debate about the character of the man, and through this resource, students and everyone who visits the website form their own perspective of the legacy of Bennelong and consider the impact one individual can have on their world.

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Eveleigh Stories delivers everything we had hoped and completes a remarkable milestone in the interpretation of heritage assets here at ATP and in the broader precinct. The creative and technical outcome you achieved is first class.

Duncan Read
General Manager, Australian Technology Park

Let’s design with meaning together.