treasures of Darling Harbour game

AOM was approached by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority to design and build an online interactive game to promote the Darling Harbour precinct and its popular tourist attractions.

Using the theme of “The Treasures of Darling Harbour”, AOM developed an engaging and playful interactive game in which the user discovers Darling Harbour by gaining access to and visiting the various “treasures”.

This tool was designed to engage with the Gen Y audience, giving the visitor to the SHFA site, a chance to learn the intrinsic virtues of each attraction from the comfort of their screen.

To convey these virtues, each custom game represents the nature of the venue. Thus the online visitor chooses their character and moves about the virtual Darling Harbour collecting coins which allow entry to the attractions. Once entered the visitor:

  • flies through 3D space aiming to avoid the meteors at IMAX
  • trains their memory during a peaceful tile matching game at The Chinese Gardens
  • spots nocturnal animals with their flashlight at the Sydney WildlifeWorld
  • feeds the penguins at the Sydney Aquarium
  • practices Morse-code to bring a submarine home safely at the Australian National Maritime Museum

Everyone completing the game receives a promotional offer, which the SHFA team is able to regularly change, to keep fresh and exciting, without having to alter the game itself.

The Treasures of Darling Harbour captures and tallies the score of each player. Scores are displayed, to encourage further visits in order to better one’s score, or beat a friend’s score. High scorers can also receive higher, more enticing prizes, all designed to drive traffic to the real Darling Harbour precinct and its attractions.

Thus each game not only promotes, but facilitates education and engagement with each space. Furthermore, an online game can also be posted at gaming sites, thus further expanding the reach of the Treasures of Darling Harbour.

The Treasures of Darling Harbour has been enthusiastically embraced by visitors to the website.