Having a video has allowed us to communicate to investors directly from the founders – providing social credibility, and demonstrating the passion of the team beyond mere words on a page... We’ve had positive feedback – in fact, it’s one of the key reasons we were able to launch our capital raise on one of the Blockchain Exchanges we were pitching to.
Dario Giljevic
Securion video

Securion is the new venture of two Australian SMEs - each leading suppliers of security and vetting services to the Australian government and large corporates.  

Currently, employers and candidates are confronted with present and ongoing security risks, lack of vetting depth and inefficiencies throughout the onboarding process. Securion are seeking funding to solve these challenges; by developing a smart vetting platform for personnel risk management. This product is greatly required by any organisation that wishes to improve the quality and depth of its employment vetting, whilst offering candidates security of their sensitive documents, and improved opportunities for suitable roles throughout their career.

Utilising the latest in AI and blockchain technology, Securion helps employers, recruiters, HR and candidates meet their unique challenges, whilst protecting their data at a time when identity-theft is an increasing risk.

Art of Multimedia was asked to help Securion personalise their approach to market. We were delighted to produce a short video that introduces the key people, each industry veterans and the technology's potential.   

Dario Giljevic CEO of Securion said “AOM were attentive and very determined to bring our vision to light. They were especially helpful in understanding how to best structure time, audio and visual elements to achieve a digital hosted version of the video - very compelling for an audience visiting our webpage. Would absolutely recommend AOM! The team will work tirelessly to bring your vision of the project to the screen." 

So whether you are looking to invest in this field or interested in joining other Australian organisations in a pilot opportunity, Securion will be happy to hear from you.