Ensemble of graphics taken from the FleetCAT video

Centre for Road Safety, Road Safety Technology Team within Transport for NSW, is continuously developing innovative approaches to implementing the objectives set out by NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan.

Communicating with the public and participants is an important aspect of the Pilot Study and Art of Multimedia were asked to help in this regard.

Good footage illustrating the technology applied on the road was available from the technology developer with the potential to clearly illustrate its application without redoing the expensive large-scale production. Unfortunately, it was filmed on the right side of the road.

AOM worked our magic to ‘flip’ the vision, remove the graphical overlays then unreadable and apply our own motion graphics, aligned to Transport for NSW Brand. A short introduction was filmed and 2D animations added to produce two engaging videos:

  • a high level, 2 minute public awareness video 
  • more comprehensive 6 minute program informing the participants of all the Pilot Study details.

With the right partner, drawing on your supplier’s content can be a great way to reduce your production budget while delivering higher quality, more engaging communications.