The Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW (RTA), through the NSW Centre for Road Safety, are piloting the latest road-safety technology, called intelligent speed adaptation (ISA). ISA helps motorists to navigate over 4,000 speed zones and ensures they don't unintentionally exceed the speed limit.

The pilot is testing advisory, assisted and limiting systems, and collecting a vast amount of data for researchers, who will make recommendations on speed limit compliance, traffic infringement rates, fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, driver acceptance, crash involvement, and device reliability and usability.

AOM produced a video that demonstrates the capabilities of the system, as well as the NSW Centre for Road Safety's uptake of the latest technology and information about the purpose behind the pilot study – to save lives and prevent injuries on the state's roads.

Along with an animation demonstrating vehicle safety development, plus video testimonial and feedback capturing booths – all developed by AOM – the video was screened at the 2008 Motor Show to promote the RTA's SpeedBlitz message.