When The Menzies Sydney Hotel decided to enter the Australian Service Excellence Awards they chose to supplement the required paper-based submission with a more personable insight into the business.

The hotel commissioned Art of Multimedia to produce a video that introduced their people to the judges.

Filming took place when the Menzies team were undergoing a process of cultural realignment, following a complete refurbishment of the premises, which meant that the project also served as an excellent engagement exercise. Staff from around the business were interviewed and invited to describe what they liked about their roles and brought to their work.

As we know, 70 per cent of communication is non-verbal, and the video enabled the Menzies to vividly convey the diversity, enthusiasm and commitment of their staff. Clients were asked for feedback too and provided some great answers, which enhanced the authenticity and strength of the overall message.

The finished video became a multipurpose tool. It not only helped the Menzies to win the medium business category in the awards program at state level, but also to promote the hotel to existing guests and visitors via screens around the foyer.

The Menzies went on to become a national Service Excellence Award winner.