We launched the video at our stakeholder conference and it was the highlight of the event.
Katherine Ward
Global PR and Communications Manager, McWilliam's Wines Group
McWilliams Wines spread

This evolution coincided with changes to the company including the addition of the Evans & Tate line to their portfolio, and the introduction and communication of corporate values to staff.

As a longstanding supplier of video production services to McWilliam’s, Art of Multimedia understood the company's past and was asked to translate the marketing department’s new vision for the brand using existing product imagery, previously acquired footage and music.

The resulting corporate video reflects the quality and diversity of McWilliam’s Wines. Led by an emotive, musical track, it describes their world-renowned vineyards, most-awarded winery, regional diversity, and 130 years and six generations of winemaking passion and experience.

Marketing professionals of leading Australian brands like McWilliam’s Wines appreciate the necessity of keeping their brand messages current, relevant and exciting for staff as well as external stakeholders. Only a few smart small and medium companies realise that it is equally, if not more, important for them to leverage the power of mediums such as video to create the right perceptions of their company and products. These are perceptions that can literally transform their business communication – all they have to do then is to keep delivering on those promises and enjoy the benefits.