AOM were brilliant, truly. Together we have developed something we’re very proud of and worked hard to achieve.
Katy Hartley
Project Officer, ADHC

An orientation delivered on CD, which introduces new recruits to Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC), was supporting agency-wide induction before a Learning Management System was in place.

The CD includes a welcome from the ADHC Deputy Director-General and video interviews with experienced carers, plus animated sequences and interactive assignments that help to keep recruits engaged during the 45-minute program.

A professional presenter, filmed against a blue screen and then placed against an animated background, livens the dense content and enhances the combination of modes of delivery.

Each recruit watches the program on an individual computer at their regional centre, either as a linear presentation or – by selecting particular areas of interest – as an interactive. Experienced staff are on hand to answer any questions face to face. And a certificate of completion is produced after all modules have been viewed, which the recruit presents to their line manager on the first day of training.

If someone is unable to watch the CD for any reason, a strongly visual booklet has been produced that covers all the same content.

“This kind of simple-to-use presentation frees an organisation to focus on its job-specific training, and helps to ensure consistent message delivery across locations and teams,” says Beata Kade, AOM’s managing director.

“It can be accessed by individuals or can support team leaders in delivering induction, and learning and development content. It can even be placed online where content is updated easily and individual progress, along with other data, tracked and integrated with other systems,” Beata adds.

ADHC is a large organisation with around 14,000 mostly field staff who support people with a disability and older people, and their families and carers in New South Wales. It takes a special kind of person to deliver ADHC’s services.

“We are continuously recruiting and this style of induction helps to explain the nature of our work accurately and effectively to each new employee. It’s an efficient way of delivering essential information, but still very personal,” says ADHC project officer Kay Hartley.

“AOM were brilliant, truly. Together we have developed something we’re very proud of and worked hard to achieve.”