"Art of Multimedia staff were required to play a lead role. At times they needed to influence council staff to ensure the outcomes of the project were met. This required a great deal of negotiation. Throughout the process staff displayed patience and expertise and clearly showed their skills in achieving a successful outcome for both parties.”
Kathy Woods
Manager, Resource Recovery
The Hills Shire Council

The Hills Shire Council is growing and changing, planning for a 25% rise in population by 2026. Waste recovery is a critical aspect of keeping the Hills clean and green, while supporting the health of a community with its anticipated 238,000 new residents. 
The Waste Recovery team is active in community education through schools and other programs and commissioned Art of Multimedia to create explainer videos that will carry the messages across in a captivating way, making it easy for anyone to follow. To be delivered via the website, the animations needed to reinforce and expand accessibility of the Council’s Do the Right Bin campaign. 

Recycling processes vary between councils, so new residents may be confused about what to do, so the animations show the correct process, as well explain the reasons for the process, thus motivating as well as educating. 

In collaboration with the client, AOM scripted messages for 8 separate videos, which explain the correct method of preparing household waste for maximum recovery;

1. Red Lidded Bin
2. Green Lidded Bin
3. Yellow Lidded Bin
4. When to put out which bin
5. Bin Positioning
6. Clean up timing and illegal dumping
7. Acceptable Items and Clean up preparation, and
8. Urban Growth 

Animation allowed Art of Multimedia to align seamlessly with Council’s print campaign and make the content visually focused and fun. Voice over delivers the clear instructions and the catchy, bright music and sound effects provide a memorable link for the campaign. Hindi and Simplified Chinese subtitles are also available for those residents who may need it. 

The campaign was launched at Council’s Orange Blossom Festival where they were displayed on a video pull-up banner. Feedback from the community was very positive. 

They are available in the Waste section of the website and will be used in the ongoing school education program.