What’s been really effective has been the guidance we’ve had from Art of Multimedia in marrying together the content and the technical capacity and managing that project with professionalism that goes above and beyond.
Sarah Shores
Project Manager, Community Projects City of Ryde Council

A project like this is not just taking content and building a website around it – it is about establishing a process of consultation, examining extensive research, engaging stakeholders and the community, and then interpreting your findings to present an outcome all contributors are proud of.

Art of Multimedia led a team, which included Archaeological Heritage and Management Solutions and 3D Projects who brought additional Indigenous consultation, heritage and interpretive storytelling expertise.

The Finding Bennelong website launched in the 200th anniversary year of Bennelong’s death and Paul Graham, Acting Manager Community and Culture from City of Ryde Council, is thrilled with the final product and with the process taken to see it completed.

“Art of Multimedia were as committed and passionate as I was about having the voice of Indigenous people (heard) and then pulling that together and developing a really good product.”

The website uses a series of 15 videos which chronologically and thematically interpret the story of Bennelong, to make the journey of his life accessible to all ages. There is much debate about the character of the man and through these videos, based upon the significant research of Historian Keith Vincent-Smith and drawing upon historic artwork, additional research, references and links to primary sources, the website visitor is able to draw their own conclusions.

Printed promotional material

We also created some off-line, printed promotional material for Ryde City Council to create awareness of the project.

The website

The final result is a polished, contemporary and engaging resource that we hope will prompt students and everyone who visits the website to form their own perspective of the legacy of Bennelong and consider the impact one individual can have on their world.

Visit Finding Bennelong – we’d love to know what you think.

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