“This is the most interesting tour I have ever taken. Being able to see and hear the stories really brings them to life, making it far more immersive than an audio tour”
iTunes customer review

‘Judges Choice Award' 
2011 Interpretation Australia Awards


Delivered via iPhone and iPod, the walking tour went live on the streets of Parramatta in July 2010 and was awarded the Interpretation Australia 2011 Excellence Award. 

It uses handheld media to take you an adventure through the township two hundred years ago, joined by Elizabeth and Lachlan Macquarie and a crew of colonial characters. The AOM team helped to create this rollicking interactive heritage interpretation experience by reviewing historical sources and developing an original script for the 45 minutes of video content, created through combining a mass of archival images extensively treated with motion graphics, period music and special effects, as well as the casting and recording 26 character voices to bring them to live producing a narrative that contemporary audiences can relate to.

DigiMacq is available for free download from the App Store. Anyone taking the tour in Parramatta (instead of the comfort of their chair) discovers codes displayed around the city that unlock each section of the story.

The DigiMacq interactive tour is a Parramatta City Council initiative made possible with funding and support from the Australian Government Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism. It has been produced by Parramatta City Council in collaboration with experts from the NSW Heritage Branch, The University of New South Wales School of Computer Science and Engineering, and Art of Multimedia.

***** “A beautiful experience... great for schools or visitors to Parramatta. Visually appealing, historically interesting and a well-crafted user experience” - Apple customer review