Art of Multimedia were the right team for the job: they could deliver everything in house, they had a lot of experience, they put forward ideas and suggestions… and they are very nice people!.. It’s been a successful experience.
Joanna Kenneally
Managing Director, Cotswold Furniture

No matter how sophisticated, engaging and sleek the product or in-store experience, if a website isn’t congruent with that experience, it will tarnish the usually hard earned brand reputation.

Established in 1981, Cotswold Furniture is a family owned Australian business who pride themselves on providing high quality, classic and durable furniture with a warm and personal shopping experience to retail and commercial customers. But their website was not on par with their exceptional service; it needed not only a visual refresh but an entire overhaul of the site as it wasn’t easy for customers to find information. Cotswold Furniture engaged Art of Multimedia to help develop a new website which would showcase their sophisticated product and be a pleasure for their customers to source information.

Site features include:

  • a focus on beautiful lifestyle images
  • search by product (by category or brand)
  • a blog to encourage relationship-promoting conversations, which is distributed using our Third Eye email platform
  • print function which reduces the need for printing an excess of product catalogues
  • eCommerce compatibility
  • and importantly, it is easy to administer through the Drupal Content Management System (CMS)

Cotswold were not quite ready to implement eCommerce, yet did not want to delay the launch of a new website. Our experience in website strategy, design and development, meant that we could deliver a website for today that has considered the structural requirements for activating online shopping, to be introduced in the future.

Website analytics showed that around 30 percent of visitors to the Cotswold Furniture website accessed it from a mobile device, most of them tablets or ipads, so the website was tablet optimised to enhance the visitor experience. The site is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly and AOM continues to support Cotswold with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies and digital designs to attract new customers to the site.

Joanna Kenneally, Managing Director and second generation business owner, felt very comfortable with the development and implementation process.

Feedback from customers has been positive, and it’s very telling that since the launch of the new site there has been no contact from customers who can’t find information on the site – which had previously occurred too often.

We invite you to browse Cotswold Furniture’s new website.

If your website could do with a refresh or a complete overhaul, why not contact us to discuss your options. You never know how many potential customers are dismissing your business because your online profile isn’t resonating in the digital space.