Eastern Suburbs Railway Celebration

WINNER - National Trust Heritage Awards 2020
Heritage Events, Exhibitions & Tours


Sydney Trains heritage team have been busy engaging their customers and local community in celebrating historic milestones throughout 2019, such as the 40th anniversary of the Eastern Suburbs Railway, 140th anniversary of Gunnedah Station, 150th anniversary of Bowenfels Station, 80th anniversary of Cronulla line, and participating in the annual architectural festival ‘Sydney Open’. 

Actively engaging with a keenly interested public, the heritage team supports Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink teams hosts open day events across NSW. Such activities allow people to appreciate the critical role the Sydney Trains network has had in the development of our economy and culture over the 160+ years. 

Art of Multimedia has been honoured to help Sydney Trains capture this history through documentaries such as the award-winning Running on Time and Escalation Sensation

We also created social media videos as well as interpretive signage and banners, to promote these anniversaries. For the open days and guided tours, postcards, brochures and tote bags are very popular with the participants. 

Interest in transport heritage is trans-generational, and Sydney Trains do a splendid in educating and engaging their customers, staff and community on the significance of railway history and current heritage issues. 

Awareness of the rich history of public transport, the stories of innovation by people working across multiple disciplines to deliver our transport system today, help us appreciate the complex task of providing ever-improving public transport service to commuters. 

Click here to view the documentaries and learn more about Culture & Heritage at Transport Sydney Trains

'We open the line in 1979 – The ESR Turns 40!' is the winner of a National Trust Heritage Award 2020 in the Heritage Events, Exhibitions & Tours category.