The CEFA team is thrilled with the new look and feel of our website, the ease of being able to edit, update and keep it fresh with current information is essential to our work and has been achieved with this solution.
Janet Doyle
Schools Director, CEFA

Like so many not-for-profits, it is working with limited resources to deliver significant outcomes and with a new project about to be launched (a Constitutional Facts and Information Chat Room), CEFA needed to replace their website with an online presence that makes publishing content regularly easy, is engaging and mobile optimised, allowing readers to consume its content on any device and share it. Naturally, The Constitution is featured on the website, in a visitor friendly format that makes navigating it simple.

Art of Multimedia (AOM) designed and developed an attractive, highly visual website, which allows CEFA staff to inform the community about the organisation’s mission, history and governance and the breadth of Constitutional education it delivers. To introduce its programs, collect entries for the Governor General’s Prize competition, subscribe visitors directly into their Third Eye email system and accept donations to help fund continuing development of its programs. The Drupal CMS will allow the site to continue evolving to meet all CEFA’s future communication needs.

Once the Constitutional Facts and Information Chat Room project officially launches, CEFA will entice visitors to participate in the conversation through an integration with Disqus, where visitor’s social login details are used to simplify the process of contributing.

Ongoing website refinements will be informed by analytics collected by Google Analytics, Disqus and Third Eye, to continually improve the visitor experience.

Being able to track visitors to the site and have our database of supporters kept up to date using the Thirdeye database has eased the administrative burden enormously. We are excited to explore more of the options available to us for interaction with our content as our audience grows in the future. Janet Doyle, Schools Director, CEFA

Working with the team at Art of Multimedia has been a real pleasure and their efficiency is to be commended. The development process was seamless and CEFA was consulted at each critical step to ensure our needs were met. The “can do” attitude and willingness to contribute to the process, ensuring best practice in design and delivery makes Art of Multimedia stand out from the crowd.” Said Janet Doyle, School Director,

Developing an effective and user friendly website relies on a good understanding of your visitor’s needs, a thorough brief and a digital agency that has the right skills and dedication.

Whilst most organisations know their audiences, many do not have the time to develop an informative brief, barely any have a Functional or Technical specification ready. At AOM, we understand this and our flexible, tried and tested methodology incorporates a scoping process into each website (or other project) before we tackle the creative and development stages.