Our new careers website captures our brand essence better than I could have ever imagined
Kelly Parmenter
Recruitment Specialist, Campbell Arnott's

Built by Art of Multimedia using the Drupal content management system, the new site also features Flash and video components. The overall look is professional, lively and fun, just like the Campbell Arnott’s team.

Potential employees who visit www.campbellarnottscareers.com gain a good feel for the business and its people, and the benefits of joining the company.

Prospects also have the opportunity to use the My Profile function, which allows them to post a resume and update it at any time. They are then considered for jobs across Campbell Arnott’s as roles become available.

The home page offers two starting-point options for graduates and professionals, who can access additional information such as interview and assessment tips in discrete sections of the site.

“We also created an internal version of the careers website for existing staff,” explains AOM’s managing director, Beata Kade. “Both sites reflect recent changes in the company’s branding and employee value proposition, and more clearly convey what working for Campbell Arnott’s is all about.”

Leading companies of all sizes should consider the benefits of a well-structured careers site or dedicated area of an existing site. Aside from attracting high-quality staff, the reduced time and cost spent providing information to prospective employees, and introducing the all-important company culture, will offset the initial investment.

“Our new careers website captures our brand essence better than I could have ever imagined,” says Campbell Arnott's recruitment specialist Kelly Parmenter.

“The AOM team worked closely with us to understand our value proposition and consequently supported us in bringing it to life for potential new employees. It is now with confidence we go to market, knowing we have a website we are proud of – one that job seekers can engage with in understanding our culture.”