Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is the new entity created by joining the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) and NSW Maritime. 

With a new Chief Executive, new name and new vision statement 

To be the public sector leader in the management and delivery of safe, efficient and high quality services and infrastructure to the community and businesses of NSW.

RMS has a dynamic internal environment offering staff opportunities and challenges, and is committed to putting the customer at the centre of everything it does.

RMS is diverse, with 9,000+ people bringing different industry skills and experiences to customer service. All new staff attend Orientation within 90 days of commencement to understand the organisation, meet and work with colleagues from different disciplines, and get insight into some of the public issues and accountabilities RMS experiences. 

AOM worked with RMS to update materials for a blended learning experience during the day-long Orientation session, and to ensure they reflect the new RMS vision, focus and branding. 

This range of audio-visual, facilitator-led and role-play resources include

  • a dynamic concept for a visual organisational chart to deliver rich understanding of the internal operating environment 
  • a visual which illustrates key organisational values
  • a facilitator’s guide
  • video content with extensive use of motion graphics to illustrate concepts
  • staff talking about RMS and representing organisational and cultural diversity 
  • a role-playing game extending the concept of the organisation chart

Orientation begins and ends with messages from the Chief Executive. During Orientation case studies emphasise RMS’ commitment to customer service.  AOM researched many possible activities and scenarios from recent organisation history, eventually choosing to focus on four rich examples: 

  • the Key Behaviours Training Course, being delivered to thousands of staff to help support them in delivering excellent customer service
  • the Sydney Harbour Bridge Resurfacing project of 2012
  • Customer Service Officer Joseph Tupou, lauded and awarded for his customer liaison skills
  • restoration of historic Dunmore Bridge, which engaged local, transport and heritage interests 

A mix of on-camera interviews and use of contemporary stills and video were available.  AOM’s creative team applied animation and dynamic editing to deliver visually appealing content which enhances key messages. This approach was also used for the videos which explain Who we are and What we do, featuring a cast of 35 RMS staff filmed against blue screen, reflecting the persity of the team. 

Another component is a role playing game to help staff understand some of the issues that an organisation with a remit as large as RMS - safety on roads and waterways, 
traffic management and planning, road construction and maintenance, environmental solutions, tolling services – has to manage.  Finally, a series of activity cards and a board game added variety and experiential learning to support active engagement in the orientation and RMS vision.