We were so impressed with Beata and her team’s willingness to get us over the line with such a professional, fully integrated website. It meant long hours, quick turnaround times and working as a team.
Heather Nancarrow
CEO, Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety

ANROWS delivers research which drives policy and practice to reduce the levels of violence against women and their children.

The website is a resource for research information, and its functionality needed to allow content authors to publish content quickly and easily, make simple layout changes and archive content. Of course - the site also needed to be WCAG2 compliant, not to mention engaging, professional and appealing.

The development and design of a new website involves understanding the needs of the client as well as the website visitor. Art of Multimedia (AOM) worked closely with the team at ANROWS to gain a thorough understanding of the website objectives. Dealing with a sensitive subject matter – violence against women and their children – meant that even aspects such as photography and colour choice required an extra level of consideration.  

Heather Nancarrow, CEO of ANROWS, was extremely pleased with the service provided by AOM, not to mention the final product.

“I think the website looks fantastic and I’ve had positive feedback from our stakeholders as well,” Heather said. “We faced huge challenges in terms of the timing for the website development – it was about six weeks from when we engaged AOM to the launch date. 

“I was very impressed with AOM’s very clear process for managing the development of content. The other thing about Beata particularly was her ability to grasp the sensitivity of the issues [we deal with] – she understood what we were trying to achieve and was sensitive to the content area.”

As a brand new organisation, still finalising their identity and structure, ANROWS needed time to make key decisions about the website as well as how the organisation will communicate with their audience, while the website development continued. ANROWS also needed support across other areas, and we were pleased to bring our integrated expertise and extend our services beyond the website, to video and photography coverage of the launch event for the new website at Parliament House in Canberra. 

AOM were also able to assist ANROWS to complete the brand development process by designing print collateral, marketing items, building signage, email signatures and other branded items such as Word templates and PowerPoint presentation templates.