Hitting targets on time, on budget and on message

Transfield Services, a global provider of operations, maintenance, and asset and project management services, were looking for an effective way to demonstrate their integrated capabilities to investors.

Their corporate affairs team decided video would offer the best means of delivering a succinct message and approached Art of Multimedia to produce one.

Without making a big investment, they wanted to use existing footage and make it come alive. An excellent collection of photographs and a clear message enabled the AOM team to deliver a high-impact presentation.

“AOM took a static collection of images and brought it to life,” explains Mark Elder, the corporate design manager at Transfield Services. “They seemed to know exactly which aspects of the script were important and highlighted them – visually, and with graphical enhancement.”

The three-minute sequence combines still photography with stock footage, keywords, voiceover and edgy, industrial music. It tells the story of the company’s growth in staff, capability and reach, as well as the team’s project and innovation achievements, and enviable safety record.

Producing a video for a client who knows exactly what they want ensures efficient production and superior outcomes, which adds up to improved ROI. Mark’s thorough brief and storyboard allowed our team to focus their creative energy and budgeted hours on realising the video’s intended message as effectively as possible – rather than chopping and changing the content on the run.

Video production is a collaborative process, often involving parties in different locations and time zones. Media Flow, AOM's online media management platform, enables everyone's timely input, speeds up approvals, eliminates the need for disks and uploads to URLs, and even allows quick publishing to the web. Media Flow was another important element in delivering the Transfield Services video on time and on budget.

“It was really useful, because we had a very tight deadline. Media Flow made sure the production process was fast and seamless,” says Mark. The response to the video has been excellent, he reports. Since the initial screening, individuals and teams around the company have been requesting it for presentations and as a selling tool.

“This is an engineering-based business. We’re very left-brain. This video is helping to reinforce a change in approach to the way we work and communicate.”


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Demonstrate the integrated capabilities of a services business to investors


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