Storytelling to build business

“In any presentations I do, it’s going to be one of the crutches I lean on,” says Ian Mackenzie, the business development manager for Monitoring Services at Sydney Water.

The prop that Ian can now rely on is a video produced by Art of Multimedia as a selling tool for his unit. The lively sequence introduces Monitoring Services to internal and external customers as a business partner that can deliver high-quality data, information and services.

It describes the long history of water monitoring dating back to ancient Egyptian times, as well as the development of the Monitoring Services unit within Sydney Water. It also introduces people working in each of its specialist areas and uses staff talent to deliver the voiceover.

“I wanted to get away from using just PowerPoint and boring printed black text on white paper,” Ian explains. “Video was chosen because – when you’re trying to talk about history – sound and image tell a much better story.”

AOM shot and edited the interviews, assisted with scripting, recorded the voiceover and composited a wealth of archival images to create this informative tool.

Ian has been showing the complete video to key groups within Sydney Water to ensure that all stakeholders know the unit's capability. An extract has also been published via Sydney Water’s online staff newsletter to educate the wider team. And in time the video will be used to secure more external contracts.

“AOM did a really good job. The video looks professional and the story comes across clearly too.” Which frees Ian to focus on delivering the guts of his pitch.


Sydney Water


Monitoring services video


Convey the history and capabilities of an established in-house business unit


Weave images, interviews and sound together to tell a vivid story


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