Creating the right messages for a competitive market

With an outstanding track record in electronics manufacturing services in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, GPC are looking to grow their business in the significant and competitive US market. Art of Multimedia partnered with the GPC management team to determine what they wanted their communication tools to achieve. By asking some key questions about their sales strategy, and after seeking feedback from their US sales staff, GPC had a clearer idea of the messages that matter to their potential clients.

Saving customers money and time without introducing risk was the overarching message for GPC services. Their capacity and consistency in manufacturing and the professionalism and expertise of their team were also central to their market offering. AOM’s communication and project management techniques were very important to exploring and defining these messages. “A sound process was deployed by AOM” says Bradley Ayres, Customer Support Manager for GPC. “Face to face meetings, development of copy followed by a number of iterations and joint work on the images and visual clues we needed to include in the brochure. Plenty of fine tuning was willingly undertaken by AOM to arrive at the finished design.”

Using the right graphics, imagery and copy, AOM delivered a company brochure and banners that cover all the important points and carry the right messages to GPC’s potential customers. The consistent and high quality design also presents GPC as a strong and professional brand.

“AOM captured our verbal ideas and rough notes and converted these into good copy” says Bradley. “They provided creative and visually appealing layout concepts that we would never have been able to develop by ourselves. The words and visual clues now closely align with the message that we want to project in the marketplace.”


GPC Electronics


Company Brochure, Logo and Banners


Support sales staff with the right tools and information for the competitive US market.


Rewrite and redesign company brochure to present key messages for potential US customers, adapt logo and create new banners.


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