Campbell Arnott's Careers website
Campbell Arnott's Careers website

Attract the best candidates

Top candidates are in great demand and government agencies as well as companies large and small work hard at attracting the right candidates.

Having previously developed Campbell Arnott's dedicated careers website, Art of Multimedia was delighted to supplement the HR team’s staff attraction toolkit with a catchy video which introduced the people and demonstrated the range of career opportunities while positioning the culture as open, engaging and dynamic.

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People are key to our success and we cultivate and embrace a diverse employee population.  We recognise that people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives fuel our growth and enrich our global culture.
Kellie Tomney
Senior Manager Talent Acquisition, Campbell Arnott's HR

Magnetise leading graduates

As Australian population ages, attracting graduates is an increasingly competitive challenge. Video is the most persuasive way to capture the character of your graduate program, while introducing the key benefits as experienced by the graduates already in your organisation.

A well designed and produced program will effortlessly show the breadth of career opportunities, cultural and gender diversity and allow your prospective graduates to meet potential colleagues and see themselves in the role before joining.

Producing content of multiple lengths and formats will make your staff attraction programs fit for social media distribution, corporate and careers websites, graduate or speciality microsites, or expos and industry conferences.

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Set them up for success

As a HR professional, you know the importance of well designed orientation and induction to the longevity, productivity and wellbeing of your new recruits. The larger your organisation, the more challenging it is to welcome and inform your new team members and empower them to play an active role in their career development journey.  

AOM work with your internal experts to create bespoke orientation and induction that conveys the corporate knowledge, as well as your culture and introduces your people - your leaders and staff, stakeholders and your customers. 

We will partner you no matter where your organisation is on the technology journey. Whether deployed to your Learning Management System, watched at home, on a mobile device, or delivered through in-house workshops, AOM can develop engaging interactive, blended programs which can combine videos, animations, PowerPoint, facilitators guides, physical or digital experiences, games and activities.

We are continuously recruiting and this style of induction helps to explain the nature of our work accurately and effectively to each new employee. It’s an efficient way of delivering essential information, but still very personal. AOM were brilliant, truly. Together we have developed something we’re very proud of and worked hard to achieve.
Kay Hartley
Project officer, ADHC

Orientate them before starting work

ADHC’s Orientation was delivered on CD to be watched by the new employees at home. At the time, it was the most functional way to deliver it, before the staff came in for specific role inductions.

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Induct them in face to face workshops

Roads & Maritime Services held Orientation Days which brought together participants from multiple divisions to utilise a range of blended learning tools developed by AOM which included videos, role playing and collaborative activities, games, and print collateral.  

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Train, lead and transform

Although the terms business transformation and change management seem redundant in view of the rapid change demanded by today’s consumers and technology, helping your people adapt to the relentless change is as real and challenging as ever. 

Whether you are delivering SCORM compliant eLearning through your Learning Management System, new process training across geographies without a common LMS, or HSEQ training to ensure safety and compliance, quality content relevant to your audience, with storytelling that moves them, delivered by your own people, demonstrated with animation or illustration, or using gamification and simulation will help your training and change initiatives succeed.

Woolworths eLearning – Leading Logistics
Woolworths eLearning – Leading Logistics

Let the games begin

When Woolworths were aligning their Logistics Operations, AOM delivered a complex, policy and procedure content via a playful, interactive microsite, which delivered the content including a suite of practical resources and used gamification for assessments, to provide a fun way to test the knowledge. 

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What impressed me the most was the collaborative approach, I felt like a part of the AOM team by the end of our project. The team was engaging and open to my input but decisive where required. Project was managed effectively and all milestones where met on time. I would't hesitate to recommend AOM to anyone.
Mark Haley
Business Implementation Manager, Woolworths

Deliver consistent eLearning anywhere

The world’s leading hotel operator, introduced the ACCOR Australia Loyalty Training for Hotel Staff, an enterprise-wide program designed to improve valued customer experience consistently across its 200 franchised hotels in Australia and more across Asia Pacific. Initially delivered via a stand-alone interactive interface and updated regularly, it was eventually added to a corporate LMS.

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When we provided content to AOM we flagged the need for a solution that would be flexible to update, as the nature of our business means we will have to make changes frequently, and expediently.
Mira Mikosic
Loyalty Marketing Manager, ACCOR Hospitality Corporate Office Asia Pacific

Keep your people safe & your organisation compliant

A leader in their field, ISS had unique business needs, AOM worked with the HSEQ leadership team and developed tailor made, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) compliant, competency based training for ISS frontline managers which outlined legislative requirements in an engaging and contemporary way.  

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