heritage near me explainer video

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage was preparing to launch a new web app to diversify the community's understanding of heritage. 

After audience persona development, OEH devised four elements of culture, land, water and the built environment to appeal to four distinct visitor groups; The Urban Nomad, The Trail Seeker, The Cultural Parent and The International Tourist.

Art of Multimedia was tasked with producing a short explainer video to introduce the HNM web app to the NSW community. 

The video demonstrates the value of the elements in searching for stories of interest,  allowing users to search by location, keyword or category, which returns results in order of proximity. Once shortlisted, the web app serves up the unique and diverse heritage through engaging stories. 

It also showcases the content for over 2500 sites across multiple categories such as Aboriginal Culture, Building and Structure, Coastal, Nature and Parks, Sites & Monuments. 

Naturally, the video complements the web app's visual identity. Production involved script development for the narrative, storyboarding, voice-over recording, music and motion graphics. 

The resulting promotional video elicits curiosity amongst domestic tourists and inspires them to use the web app in shaping their own experience of local heritage discovery.