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The Good Reading Guide: website and database

Portico Books & Fine Stationary
Case Study
Take advantage of Portico’s comprehensive database of book reviews and recommendations to compete with online discount stores and raise revenue.
Create a unique ecommerce site for books, offering searchable, detailed reviews and information on all titles.
AOM brought the technical and creative expertise to make our idea a reality, and having to tackle so many custom developments never daunted them.
Clare Cannon

Since 1996 Portico Books has been providing quality titles for all ages, with the assurance that every book they sell is researched, reviewed and recommended. Portico’s highly personalised and comprehensive services include instore “Book Tastings” to brief readers on the unique qualities of recommended reads, as well as providing recommendations for everyone from biography addicts to literature lovers.

With the depth and quality of information they offer on thousands of books, Portico saw a unique opportunity to grab a share of the highly competitive online book selling market. By offering personalised book knowledge to a global audience for a small subscription fee, Portico will be raising revenue from their recommendation service, driving online sales and reaching out to a whole new customer base.

“AOM brought the technical and creative expertise to make our idea a reality.” says Clare Cannon, Manager at Portico, “and having to tackle so many custom developments never daunted them."

"Technology on the web should be seamlessly integrated with the content of a website and it needs to look good enough to attract browsers who are saturated with visual information. AOM has integrated technology into our new site so seamlessly that you don’t notice the ‘technology’ at all but just get a comprehensive, accessible, attractive and professional presentation of the information you are looking for.”

Integrating Drupal CMS with Portico’s database, AOM created a powerful search tool to offer registered users reading lists, reviews and recommendations customised to their personal profile and interests. By creating a wider range of parameters for classifying and identifying many thousands of titles, the search options can really pinpoint the needs of each customer rather than offering generic recommendations. With the potential for teachers and librarians to easily compile reading lists and for parents to tempt the interests of the most reluctant reader, the Good Reading Guide is a highly convenient and valuable resource for all sorts of users.

In developing the content and technology for the site AOM saw even more opportunities to attract book fans to join the Good Reading Guide community.

“As well as building a custom search engine which helps to tailor recommendations to a reader’s specific requirements, AOM helped us integrate video and text reviews, facilitate user interaction and take advantage of social networking.” To keep pace with the growing community, AOM will be working closely with Clare and Portico to ensure that the new platform can grow too. “As we start getting feedback about the site and monitor the use of it, AOM will continue to help us offer exactly what browsers are looking for in this kind of information site” says Clare.

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