Sydney Water - augmented reality sandbox exhibit
Sydney Water asked Art of Multimedia to develop an augmented reality sandbox that will introduce concepts, educate students and meet the following syllabus criteria:
  • the operation of the water cycle and how it connects people and places
  • the role of governments, nongovernment organisations, individuals and communities in sustainable water management
  • people’s perceptions about the value of water
  • the impact of accessibility to services and facilities.
Using open source simulation code, AOM developed the application which houses the hardware in custom built cabinetry and allows users to create topography models by shaping real (kinetic) sand. A projection and 3D tracking system then augments in real time an elevation colour map, topographic contour lines, and simulated water flow.
The Sandbox project is one of the custom created, high quality and  engaging resources Sydney Water has available for the education sector and the Sandbox has made science and sustainable living fun to learn about for adults or students.
AOM is delighted to play our part in supporting the future generations in cultivating their understanding of water and its usage.